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Highly creative and collaborative organizations are five times more likely to achieve breakthrough performance. Yet only 15% of business leaders believe their organization is strong in these areas.

That’s where we come in. From one-to-one leadership coaching to global culture change programs, we equip your people with the mindsets and behaviors they need to work smarter together.

Our capabilities

Align the mindsets and behaviours of your people to the strategic ambitions of your business.

“94% of executives and 88% of employees believe workplace culture is critical to business success. Yet there is a disconnect between organizations talking about it and those embedding it in their operations.” Deloitte

When developing your culture strategy with you, we take a top-down/bottom-up approach that involves deep consultation with senior leaders and co-creation workshops with employees across the organisation. Our work helps you to define an authentic culture that ensures you realise your business ambition. It includes:

— Culture diagnosis
— Culture definition (including purpose, vision, values and EVP)
— Capability definition (mindsets, skills and behaviors)
— Culture implementation planning (across the employee life cycle)

Clients include:

From transactional to transformational leaders

Artgym has coached over 100,000 business leaders in 33 different countries since 2004, winning multiple awards along the way. This includes the Brandon Hall Group 2022 Award for Best Innovative Leadership Program.

Our work develops the authentic, transformational leaders that modern business demands—leaders who are adept at leading innovation, driving change and cultivating inclusivity and collaboration across teams. For your emerging and senior leaders, we provide:

— Leadership profiling and assessments
— One-to-one coaching
— Leadership team coaching
— Leadership development programs
— Nature-based leadership programs
— Leadership Masterclasses by subject matter experts

Clients include:

Upskill your workforce for the 21st century.

59% of employees believe they don’t have the skills needed to perform at their best. To address this, we researched and developed the 21 skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. All our learning programs are underpinned by these essential skills.

In line with our award-winning Mindset+Practice=Results methodology, we also design learning experiences around your real-life, real-time business challenges. This delivers the highly personalised, practical learning that drives breakthrough performance for your people and business. Our work includes:

—Performance coaching (personalised mentoring and support)
—Online Skills Gyms (for rapid upskilling of new tools and techniques)
—Bootcamps (for practicing new skills and behaviours together)
—Self-directed learning challenges (for applying new skills to real challenges)

Clients include:

Making innovation everyone’s daily habit.

63% of executives agree that a strong innovation culture is a critical enabler for their firm to grow. Yet just 20% believe their company has this kind of culture. (Accenture)

We bridge this innovation gap by igniting the power of your people creating together. Our work equips your teams with the mindsets, behaviours, and methods needed to hack your organization’s most pressing issues. This means sparking inspiration, encouraging experimentation and putting things into action. With design thinking, systems thinking and agile working at their core, our services include:

— The Innovation Mindset self-assessment
— The Inspiration Safari (getting inspiration from outside the business)
— Empathy mapping workouts (to understand user/audience needs)
— Innovation workouts (to ideate what’s possible)
— Prototyping workouts (to build working models)

Clients include:

Inspiring your workforce to be part of something greater.

Highly engaged workforces realize an 81% difference in absenteeism, a 14% difference in productivity and a 23% difference in profit (Gallup). On the flip side, disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion a year.

We boost engagement by co-creating with your employees the type of working environment they are proud to be a part of. To support this, our designers, copywriters and videographers create the communications that generate real excitement and ambition. Working across the employee lifecycle, we can support you in three key areas:

— Employee experience design (designing the moments that matter)
— Engagement programs and events (inspiring people into action)
— Employee generated content (capturing hearts and minds with real-life experiences)

Clients include:

The 21 Skills for the 21st Century.

Our 21 Skills curriculum sits at the core of what we do. Developed and honed by us through a decade of research and corporate practice, it defines the skills that everyone needs in the 21st century workplace.


Leading Self

1. Self-awareness
2. Mental Fitness
3. Purpose
4. Growth Mindset
5. Reflection
6. Imagination
7. Creative Confidence

Leading Others

8. Empathy
9. Improvisation
10. Problem Solving
11. Challenging Conventions
12. Prototyping
13. Feedback
14. Virtual Collaboration

Leading Culture

15. Inspiring Vision
16. Storytelling
17. Psychological Safety
18. Empowerment
19. Compassionate Conflict
20. Cultivating Inclusivity
21. Leading Change

The top 10 challenges we help to fix

“We need to embed our new five year vision and strategy.”

“We need to double our revenue in the next 3 years and motivate our workforce to achieve it.”

“The whole organisation needs to focus on our customers—not just customer facing teams.”

“We need help implementing a major organisational restructure.”

“We need to merge and unite two different cultures and leadership teams?”

“Our market is becoming more and more competitive and we need to keep up.”

“Our leaders need to be less transactional and more focussed on the bigger picture.”

“We need to upskill middle managers to drive greater efficiency.”

“We need teams to stop working in silos and start collaborating better.”

“There is an issue with our teams in different countries not trusting each other.”

What’s your challenge?
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Case studies.

We’ve worked with a diverse range of businesses all over the world—from tech startups to multinational corporations. They all share one thing in common. They want to think, do and achieve better.

Leaders transformed
Digital learning hours
Employees engaged

Innovating effective ways to embed a new strategic vision across all Group businesses.

Equipping a global leadership team for change, disruption and tough commercial realities.

Cultivating a culture of high performance through a period of rapid growth and uncertainty.

Focusing an entire workforce on truly understanding its customers.