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Working smarter

Highly creative and collaborative organizations are five times more likely to achieve breakthrough performance. Yet only 15% of business leaders believe they have such a culture in place.

That’s where we come in. From one-to-one leadership coaching to global culture change programs, we equip your people with the mindsets and behaviors needed to excel in today’s fast-paced world.

Our capabilities

Create a culture of high performance

A strong culture is the bedrock of high performance, significantly improving your employee productivity (up to 76%), your innovation capability (up to 80%) and your customer experience (up to 78%).

From research and strategy to practical implementation, we help you to define and grow a culture that transforms how your business operates and performs.

— Diagnose your current culture
— Define your values, vision and purpose
— Translate values into mindsets and behaviours
— Cultivate those mindsets, practices and behaviours
— Develop role-models, mentors and change agents
— Build accountability and empowerment across the workforce

Clients include:

Transform your managers into authentic and inspirational role-models.

“Those who cannot change minds cannot change anything.”
— George Bernard Shaw

From first-time people managers to senior executive teams, we’ve helped over 25,000 leaders realise their potential. Through tools and techniques that include psychometrics, coaching, improvisation workshops, wilderness retreats and digital leadership programs, we’ve helped these leaders to:

— Become authentic leaders
— Empower others to act
— Drive innovation and transformation
— Cultivate inclusivity and collaboration across teams
— Become a mentor and role-model to others

Clients include:

Empower your people with the skills they need.

Digitization and automation have disrupted every industry bar none, decreasing the need for technical specialists and increasing the need for adaptable, creative problem solvers. Our learning programs focus on this need.

All of our learning programs are designed and delivered around our award-winning methodology: Mindset+Practice=Performance. In contrast to traditional training, learners collaborate on real-world, real-time business challenges, creating a measurable impact on business performance. The tools and techniques we use include:

— E-workouts
— Learning safaris
— Action-learning projects
— Blended learning programs
— Outdoor learning experiences
— Performing arts workshops

Clients include:

Bring teams together to solve complex problems and shape the future.

Innovation is the cornerstone of economic growth and 84% of executives consider it critical to the future success of their business. Yet only 6% are satisfied with their organisation’s innovation performance.

We bridge this innovation gap by helping you to collaboratively research and identify opportunities, generate and test ideas, and then turn those ideas into reality. Through inspiration safaris, empathy mapping, ideation workshops, prototyping and action planning, we help you to:

— Hack consumer experience
— Transform your ways of working
— Solve complex problems
— Develop breakthrough innovations
— Cultivate a culture of continuous innovation

Clients include:

Co-create a great place to work

A highly engaged workforce can increase productivity by 17% and annual profit by 21%, whilst reducing absenteeism by 41%. Yet it’s not unusual for a staggering 85% of employees to feel disengaged.

We believe great employee experiences are created ‘with’ employees, not for them. That’s why we help you to co-create an authentic experience with your people, building engagement and motivation throughout the process. As part of this, we:

— Define and brand your employee value proposition
— Map your employee experience
— Plan and design the moments that matter
— Activate engagement with workshops and events
— Embed the employee experience into systems and processes
— Capture and communicate employee-generated stories

Clients include:

The 21 Skills for the 21st Century.

Our 21 Skills curriculum sits at the core of what we do. Developed and honed by us through a decade of research and corporate practice, it defines the skills that everyone needs in the 21st century workplace.


Leading Self

1. Self-awareness
2. Mental Fitness
3. Purpose
4. Growth Mindset
5. Reflection
6. Imagination
7. Creative Confidence

Leading Others

8. Empathy
9. Improvisation
10. Problem Solving
11. Challenging Conventions
12. Prototyping
13. Feedback
14. Virtual Collaboration

Leading Culture

15. Inspiring Vision
16. Storytelling
17. Psychological Safety
18. Empowerment
19. Compassionate Conflict
20. Cultivating Inclusivity
21. Leading Change

The top 10 challenges we help to fix

“We need to embed our new five year vision and strategy.”

“We need to double our revenue in the next 3 years and motivate our workforce to achieve it.”

“The whole organisation needs to focus on our customers—not just customer facing teams.”

“We need help implementing a major organisational restructure.”

“We need to merge and unite two different cultures and leadership teams?”

“Our market is becoming more and more competitive and we need to keep up.”

“Our leaders need to be less transactional and more focussed on the bigger picture.”

“We need to upskill middle managers to drive greater efficiency.”

“We need teams to stop working in silos and start collaborating better.”

“There is an issue with our teams in different countries not trusting each other.”

What’s your challenge?
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Case studies.

We’ve worked with a diverse range of businesses all over the world—from tech startups to multinational corporations. They all share one thing in common. They want to think, do and achieve better.

Leaders transformed
Digital learning hours
Employees engaged

Innovating effective ways to embed a new strategic vision across all Group businesses.

Equipping a global leadership team for change, disruption and tough commercial realities.

Cultivating a culture of high performance through a period of rapid growth and uncertainty.

Focusing an entire workforce on truly understanding its customers.