Equip your business for the 21st Century

Businesses must rewire their organizations to continuously innovate at the speed their customers demand.

Ways of working have fundamentally changed in the 21st century and creativity + collaboration = business impact. It’s a simple formula but it can be challenging to implement.

We bring together our teams of experts from different disciplines to equip your people with the mindsets, methods and behaviors that drive creative collaboration.

We work with organizations in three areas:


Learn the mindset, methods and behaviors to be an effective creator and co-creator.


Develop your ability to lead innovation and change by mastering the art and science of creative collaboration.


Cultivate a culture of creative collaboration for your organization, enabling continuous innovation and growth.

Case studies



Using our award winning creative learning approach,we have challenged and stretched adidas’ leadersglobally since 2011.

Learners have attributed their development in theadidas Leadership development framework to ourlearning experiences.


We worked with Spotify to gain insight into their existing practice, define what excellence looks like, identify the right talent for the new team, develop team performance and ensure ongoing peak performance was sustained.


Since 2014, we‘ve worked with Westfield to helpthem create their culture of collaboration, innovationand high performance. At the core of their ask was for us to design anddeliver an aspirational and challenging learningexperience – here’s how.


Artgym combined storytelling and visualisation with their award-winning creative collaboration methodology. We helped Lebara employees to truly ‘feel theircustomer’ and define the values and behaviours needed to transform their organisation culture.

The Moving Theatre

An Artgym project and documentary that brought together over 600 migrants to share their experiences with the wider world.

We were determined to personalise and connect others to some true experiences of migrant journeys.

Our Kingston, Our Future

Bringing diverse groups together in a creative collaboration to create a shared vision for the future of their community.

Supported by the UK Government Department of Business and Innovation, we transferred our best practice expertise, developed in global corporates, to the Kingston community.


Lastminute.com needed its people to start breathinglife into new group brands.

We started by listening carefully to staff in allcountries. It became clear, to reach the leadershipstargets, everyone needed to be involved directly.