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Case study


– Leadership Transformation
– Learning & Development

The challenge.

Equip a global leadership team for change, disruption and tough commercial realities.

NGA is a global business providing HR consulting, global payroll and HR outsourcing services to clients across the world. They approached us to run a bespoke development program for their executive leadership team (Board-level directors and one level below).

The objective of the program was to develop an agile, motivated and highly effective leadership team capable of taking on the tough challenges being imposed by new technologies, disruptive competitors, compressed delivery timelines and tighter margins.

Our solution.

As part of the diagnostics phase of the project, we conducted in-depth interviews across the leadership team, exploring potential blockers to change, innovation and high performance. We identified three key opportunities to improve the team’s competence and empower NGA to thrive:

  • Increase in-team and cross team collaboration
  • Increase consumer-orientation and define what it means for the business
  • Create an inclusive, innovation-friendly environment

Addressing the needs identified in the research, we designed and delivered a bespoke, 12-month program that brought together the diverse group of leaders from around the world. In contrast to many traditional training initiatives, this highly tailored program was designed to instil change and improve competence by being:

  • Collaborative: Getting different functions, geographies and cultures working effectively and at speed together.
  • Strategic: Focussed on the major strategic and cultural challenges facing the business.
  • Practical: Applying new methods and behaviours to those real world challenges in real-time.
  • Impactful: Making a measurable difference to the performance of individuals, their teams and the organisation as a whole.

The program combined 1-2-1 coaching sessions with improvisation workshops, interactive webinars and strategic projects for teams to collaborate on. It was organised and run through an online global Learning Hub where participants could find details on workshops and pre-work assignments, as well as connect to other participants to ask questions and share knowledge.

The outcome.

The program transformed NGA’s executive leadership team into a highly collaborative, high performance management team capable of adapting quickly to the external pressures being put on the business.

By the end of the first phase, 33 leaders across 10 regions had successfully designed and delivered 5 strategic projects for the business, all while honing their mindsets, methods and behaviours.

Increases in performance and a return to growth led, at the end of 2019, to the business being acquired by global outsourcing firm Alight Solutions.

“The changes this program brings to our company are amazing. We’re making tomorrow today.”

Andy Monshaw