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Ignite the power of people creating together.

Ignite the power
of people creating together.

We are a culture change business.

We empower your people to think different and work smarter together.

Our global team partners with you to rewire your culture, enabling your business to adapt and innovate at the speed the 21st century demands.

What we do

Culture Transformation

Leadership Transformation

Learning & Development

Innovation Building

Employee Experience


Our approach.

Rooted in the neuroscience and psychology of behavioral change, our award-winning approach cultivates the mindsets, methods and behaviours of high performance. We summarise it as:

Mindset +

We help your people to develop the mindsets needed to constantly question, experiment and strive for excellence together.

Practice =

Through the practice of new mindsets, behaviours and skills, we help your people to make the small, everyday changes that make a big impact over time.


By focussing on your real-world, real-time business challenges, our work transforms how your business operates and performs.

The transformation we bring.


Transactional Managers
Siloed working
Change resistant
Process driven
Instructed employees
Good enough performance


Transformational Leaders
Cross-team collaboration
Agile and innovative
Purpose driven
Empowered creators
Diverse and inclusive
Breakthrough performance

Case studies

Innovating effective ways to embed a new strategic vision across all Group businesses.

Equipping a global leadership team for change, disruption and tough commercial realities.

Our clients

“It’s been an epiphany for us; all of the ideas and astonishing creativity now coming from our people. You can feel the energy and passion—the place is buzzing.”

Ian McCraig

“I am now leading a team that truly owns its integrity and impact.”

John Lefebvre
Senior Manager, Adidas APAC

“I’ve never seen a programme of this scale implemented before now. It’s having such a big impact across the business.”

Gareth Cheesman
Head of Finance, Westfield

“The changes this program has brought to our company are amazing. We’re making tomorrow today.”

Andy Monshaw

Our latest news and thinking