Creativity and innovation at work

We boost business performance by increasing the creativity of your people


Research shows creative intelligence is the strongest predictor of high performance in business today. The higher the creative intelligence of your workforce, the better your ability to adapt, innovate and grow at the speed business demands.

We teach 21 skills that increase creative intelligence in the workplace. Combining neuroscience, real-life business examples and practical tools, our courses are guaranteed to make a measurable difference to your business.

21 Skills for 21st Century Leaders

The 21 Skills combine the latest in neuroscience with real-life business examples, practical tools and techniques to boost your teams’ performance and creativity at work.


See how creative you are at work with Artgym’s Self Assessment. It helps you see how you are currently using your creativity and how to boost your creativity at work even more.

Transform your business

Turbo charge your teams’ performance with our 21 skills.

Transform yourself

Creativity is the number one skill for 21st century business. Learn how to access your creative power and put it to work.

Who we work with

"It has been an epiphany to me in terms of all the ideas and the astonishing creativity now coming from our people. The emotion, the energy, the passion. The place is buzzing."

Ian McCaig


“I am now leading a team that truly owns its impact and integrity.”

John Lefebvre

Senior Manager, Adidas APAC

"I’ve never seen a programme of this scale implemented before now. What a big impact it’s having across the business."

Gareth Cheeseman

Head of Finance, Westfield

“I now fully understand how valuable facilitators of change are. This kind of work is much needed in the world”

Jamie Gutierrez

Talent Consultant, Publicis Sapient


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