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Case study


— Culture Transformation
— Leadership Transformation
— Learning & Development
— Innovation Hacking
— Employee Experience

The challenge.

Focus an entire workforce on truly understanding its customers.

Lebara is a UK mobile network provider that offers budget friendly, international SIMs and call rates. As an organization, it is dedicated to making the migrant journey easier and to helping migrants (its customers) stay connected with family and friends back home.

Given the business’s mission, Lebara employees needed to go beyond understanding the basic needs of migrant communities. They needed to truly understand and appreciate the migrant experience on a deeper level. We were asked in to help develop this deeper customer understanding.

Our solution.

We challenged Lebara employees to research and share over 600 migrant stories. Many of these stories were their own. We did this by bringing together 671 of them in a series of large events across seven different countries.

At the events, Lebara employees shared their stories, created images together and reflected on the themes and insights that emerged from their extraordinary collection of migrant experiences. Creating images together became a vital part of the process, as words alone could not fully convey the stories being told.

Our event production and facilitation experts enabled employees to truly feel their customer. The events led to the co-creation of new organizational values and ideal behaviours that were later embedded across the business. They also generated a raft of new customer-focussed business initiatives.

The outcome.


Stories of migration, representing 59 international locations.


Book, ‘The Migrant Experience’.


Award-winning documentary

“At the heart of Lebara’s culture is the desire to give back and make a difference for our customers and their communities. We’re now driving that mission forward in leaps and bounds.”

Ratheesan Yoganathan
CEO, Lebara