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Become an Artgym Practitioner.

The Artgym practitioner community researches, designs and delivers transformation programs across the world. Over the last 18 years this work has boosted the performance of over 100,000 leaders in 33 countries.

We come from many walks of life—from psychology, coaching and facilitation, to design, innovation and the arts. What unites us is a belief that creativity is our greatest human resource.

We welcome into our community those who are smart, curious, passionate and committed. We recruit on ability, not on race, color, religion, nationality, sex or gender identity. Because we know that talent can come from anywhere.

Reasons to join


Award-winning work

You will be involved in exceptional work, researching, designing and delivering transformational projects for some of the world’s leading organisations.


Supporting your development

You will receive ongoing coaching, supervision and mentoring, as well as a personal development plan to guide you towards your career ambitions.


Certified expertise

You will become an Artgym Certified Practitioner, skilled at applying Artgym’s award-winning methodology and other cutting-edge behavioural change and techniques.


Making a difference

You will be part of a growing global community of practitioners helping to positively shape the world we live in through creative collaboration.

Want to find out more?
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Being an Artgym Practitioner.

Sarah Pimenta

“I’ve learnt a huge amount in my 10 years as an Artgym facilitator. It’s been central to defining my personal development and something I’m extremely grateful for. My work across multiple projects and clients has provided me with some of the best professional experiences I’ve ever had.”

Andy Dunn

“As an Artgym Practitioner I am always supported to bring my whole self to work, which in turn, best serves the clients we work with. I always feel supported by my co-facilitators and stretched in a positive way to develop new skills. The feedback culture is very strong amongst the team which allows us to live the values we expect from others.”

Louise Austin

“At Artgym, our community of practitioners all share a passion to do work that makes a difference to people and the planet. After working with Artgym for nearly 10 years, what continues to inspire me is the chance for creative expression and cutting-edge innovation whilst at the same time being true to our values.”