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Case study


— Innovation Building
— Leadership Transformation
— Culture Transformation
— Learning & Development
— Employee Experience

The challenge.

Innovate effective ways to embed a new strategic vision across all Group businesses.

Kering employs just over 30,000 employees and owns many of the world’s most famous luxury brands—From Gucci and Saint Laurent to Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta and Alexander McQueen.

One of the culture and learning programs we run for them is an annual Innovation Challenge. It involves 33 senior leaders from across the group coming together in an intensive 6-day series of activities to solve strategically important issues. The 2020 challenge was led by Kering’s Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Officer and focused on how best to embed the Group’s Diversity and Inclusion Vision.

Our solution.

In line with our Mindset+Practice=Performance methodology, we designed and delivered a self-directed programme that focussed participants on creating their own diversity and inclusion initiatives that could then be rolled out into the business. We supported them in four key areas:

1. How to use a Design Thinking Framework: Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test
2. Business Modelling and Business Model Canvas
3. Pitching: Engagement, Messaging, Structure, Confidence
4. Collaboration Skills: Decision Making, Facilitation, Listening, Healthy Conflict

The programme was divided into the following days/sessions (interwoven with sub-group prep work sessions):

1. Opening, Kick off, team forming, project brief
2. Diversity and inclusion empathy deep dive and problem definition
3. Exploration of themes and patterns from deep dive
4. Feedback session with diversity and inclusion experts
5. Pitching Clinic
6. Pitch to ‘Sponsor’ diversity and inclusion panel + Wrap-up

Due to Covid-19 the entire program was run digitally using our digital learning technology and virtual coaches located all around the world.

The outcome.

The diversity and inclusion panel, including the Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Officer, were very impressed with the outputs of the Innovation Challenge and are currently working with participants to roll out the developed projects across Kering’s different brands.