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The Creativity Assessment

Eugene Hughes

Are you putting your creativity to work?

Check out Artgym’s free Creative Intelligence Self-Assessment to help you find out.

Creative Intelligence (CQ) is the mental ability to quickly adapt to new and unusual situations by drawing upon your existing knowledge and resources to work out the best solutions and opportunities possible. It enables you to be agile in responding to unexpected circumstances at the same time as understanding and solving complex problems. Research shows that Creative Intelligence is the strongest predictor of high performance in business today.

Everyone is creative, but it takes skills and practice to apply your Creative Intelligence at work. So we developed an easy to use self- assessment questionnaire to help you to understand where you are currently applying your creativity at work and where there are opportunities for you to use it more. By using this tool you will be able to work out the skills you need to focus on in order to increase your creativity and play your best game at work.