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Introducing the 21 skills for the 21st century Leader

Eugene Hughes

It’s time we all got creative at work

The landscape of the 21st century workplace is continuously changing. Although some best practices remain, many of the skills and ways of working we valued 20 years ago are no longer needed. Technical skills get replaced by automation and artificial intelligence every day. As a result, creative skills have become more and more important.

Creativity in business no longer belongs just to the ‘Creative’ industries. In the 21st century, we’ve seen how other sectors such as Finance and Retail are displaying exceptional levels of innovation and creativity in their response to changing consumer and market demands. The Tech sector in particular demonstrates phenomenal creativity not just in its response, but how it leads innovation and change. Any company with a desire to thrive in today’s economy needs creative thinkers who can work together to solve complex problems, to adapt to challenges at speed and to continuously invent new and better ways of doing things that no one else can. Creativity fuels high performance, innovation and growth.

Increase your creative intelligence and watch your performance grow

At Artgym, we see creativity from a scientific perspective and define it as a form of intelligence. Creative Intelligence is the cognitive ability to understand and solve complex problems, to identify and generate opportunities for improvement, to be agile in responding to new and unexpected circumstances and to be resourceful in your ability to make things happen. Recent research by McKinsey revealed that Creative Intelligence is the strongest predictor of high performance in business. Everyone has the potential to develop their Creative Intelligence, but it takes skill to develop and apply it effectively at work. In fact, our research and experience inform us it takes 21 skills

21 skills to develop creative intelligence at work

We have extensively researched, developed and tested the 21 skills that increase creative intelligence in the workplace. Working with neuropsychologists, international business experts and adult educationalists we’ve craft these 21 skills into practical, performance-changing learning for managers and leaders.

Companies do not necessarily need to apply all 21 skills across their workforce but, instead, identify the combination of skills that best meets the specific needs of their business.  Artgym’s international faculty of subject matter experts helps clients to do this and then we deliver the skills through Coaching, Online Workouts, In-Person Workshops or a combination of the three. Unlike traditional training, we work hands-on with managers and leaders to help them practice and apply these skills directly to their real-time business challenges. Our focus is to deliver these skills in a way that makes a measurable difference to performance.

Over the past 5 years, we have transitioned most of our learning online. And feedback from clients proves that our Online Workouts are just as engaging and impactful as in-person workshops. Getting managers and leaders from different functions and different locations all working effectively together online, without having to get on a plane, has got to be a good thing for efficiency, budgets and the planet.

Introducing the 21 skills

Level 1: Skills for Leading Self

Skill 1: Self Awareness

Discovering the power of knowing yourself

Skill 2: Mental Fitness

Keeping your mental health in shape

Skill 3: Purpose

Connecting with your deeper motivation

Skill 4: Growth Mindset

Learning from everything around you

Skill 5: Reflection

Slowing down to speed up

Skill 6: Imagination

Expanding your ability to think the impossible

Skill 7: Creative Confidence

Boosting your confidence to create

Level 2: Skills for Leading Others

Skill 8: Empathy

Listening with your head and your heart.

Skill 9: Improvisation

Embracing the unexpected as opportunities to create

Skill 10: Problem Solving

Crafting the best solutions together

Skill 11: Challenging Conventions

Creating radically new innovations

Skill 12: Prototyping

Turning your ideas into reality at speed

Skill 13: Feedback

Taking team performance from good into great

Skill 14: Virtual Collaboration

Facilitating virtual teamwork

Level 3: Skills for Leading Culture

Skill 15: Inspiring Vision

Creating a compelling vision of a better future

Skill 16: Storytelling

Engaging others through authentic communication

Skill 17: Psychological safety

Creating a safe space for every voice

Skill 18: Empowerment

Enabling others to be their best

Skill 19: Compassionate Conflict

Working with conflict as a source of innovation

Skill 20: Cultivating Inclusivity

Releasing the collective power of the group

Skill 21: Leading Change

Leading others through transformation and change


Why not reach out to us today so we can better understand your needs and demonstrate how we can boost the performance of your business by increasing the creativity of your people.

About Artgym

Artgym is an award-winning learning and development consultancy that develops creative intelligence in the workplace. With offices in London and Shanghai and delivery capabilities in 33 countries through our faculty of expert practitioners.

Whether in Online Workouts, In-Person Workshops or Tailored programs, Artgym delivers highly participatory, motivational and practical experiences that make a measurable impact to your bottom line.