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What it takes to lead innovation and change

Eugene Hughes

What Does it Take to Lead Innovation and Change in the 21st Century?

Using our experience and research we have identified 9 core competencies for leading continuous innovation and change at the speed 21st Century business demands.

Our Research

All businesses know that the speed of change is only getting faster. One time innovations or slow paced change initiatives will no longer meet the demands of your business or your consumers. It requires continuously looking to improve ways of working, systems and processes, relationships, communications and behaviours. Interviewing successful leaders of fast-paced international businesses, the vast majority agrees it requires a total focus on the customer, the ability to think big, the courage to constantly challenge conventional ways of working and the skills to build a culture of creative collaboration across teams. That’s why, based on our research and observations through our work, we believe the future of work is creative collaboration – it’s all about co-creation. And this new way of working demands a new way of leading.

We have divided the 9 core competencies into three levels of mastery:

Personal Mastery – the art of leading self

Team Mastery – the art of leading others

Executive Mastery – the art of leading business.

Based on our research, Artgym has disrupted traditional models for innovation and change, and replaced them with agile, accelerated, co-creative methods that are far more effective for leading innovation and change in 21st Century business. Learn more by downloading The 9 Core Competencies.