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My Role as a Technical Facilitator

Douglas Brown

Matt is a Producer based at our London office. He has been on the forefront of our technical innovations in virtual learning, a key Technical Facilitator supporting our Facilitators in the move to digital. Learn more about his experience as a Technical Facilitator:

We at Artgym have collaborated with our clients, to transform our face to face learning experiences into interactive virtual experiences. The main challenge faced across the industry when discussing the transition to virtual learning was losing the benefits of face to face learning. However, our expertise, combined with leading research has allowed us to develop and deliver a virtual learner experience that provides highly personalised, collaborative learning that impacts people’s mindset and behaviours.

In order for the successful delivery of our virtual learning experience, I, as a Technical Facilitator am assigned to support the Lead Facilitator who is tasked with leading the session, delivering key messages and engaging with participants. In face to face workshops, I think we can all relate (either as a participant or as a Facilitator), to all the little things that can steal the attention from the Facilitator in the room, such as having to worry about turning the projector on, organising the room’s materials, putting up posters, writing up flip charts and taking attendance – meaning the Facilitator is less able to be present with the group.

My goal as a Technical Facilitator is to alleviate these operational duties that may hinder the ability of my Lead Facilitator to focus on the group. Monitoring the chat box, tracking attendance, changing backgrounds, managing polls, creating breakout rooms and launching whiteboards are components the Lead Facilitator no longer needs to pay attention to.

This means the Facilitator can apply all their focus on the content and meeting the session goals, whilst the I can control all virtual functionalities and can assist any participants having technical difficulty. This partnership means each of us can focus on fulfilling our specific roles for the betterment of the learner’s experience.

I am really enjoying this role and will continue to innovate on practices that make virtual learning experiences much more engaging and impactful for learners.

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