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Upping creative intelligence in the workplace

At Artgym we believe that any company with the desire to thrive in today’s economy needs a workforce that can work together to solve complex problems, adapt to challenges and continuously invent new and better ways of doing things at speed. That’s why we champion Creative Intelligence at work.

What is Creative Intelligence?

Creative Intelligence (CQ) is the mental ability to quickly adapt to new and unusual situations by drawing upon existing knowledge and resources to work out the best solutions and opportunities. Creative Intelligence is sometimes mistaken to be just about idea generation but what good is a great idea if it’s executed badly. Creative Intelligence is the ability to respond to situations by determining the optimum solution and using the resources at hand to make it happen. In fact, research shows that limiting resources can stimulate people to think more creatively. And let’s face it, there is such a thing as a bad idea. So as well as imagination, Creative Intelligence requires the mental capacity for ingenuity, critical judgement, resourcefulness and determination. Just think of a work of art by the Artist Michelangelo. The Sistine Chapel ceiling or the giant sculpture of David would never be so great if they weren’t executed with mastery.

So why does Creative Intelligence matter at work?

The landscape of the 21st century workplace has dramatically changed. Although many best practices remain, alot of the skills and ways of working we valued 20 years ago are no longer needed. Technical skills are getting replaced by automation and Artificial Intelligence every day. So new skills are needed to be able to respond and adapt at the ever-increasing speed business demands. IQ is still important but it’s not hard to appreciate why CQ has become business critical.

Is it possible to develop your Creative Intelligence?

This is where the neuroscience comes in. We used to think that certain personality types were more likely to be creative than others but we now know everyone has the capacity to think creatively. We also used to believe that creative thinking just occurred in certain parts of the brain but we now know it involves a lot more brain than that – it’s a mental process that is far more sophisticated than we previously thought.From a neurological perspective, creative thinking is the generation of new neural pathways throughout the whole of our brain, enabling our brains to continue to develop throughout the whole of our life. We use this ability every day, from the small stuff like deciding what to cook for dinner to the big stuff like trying to address climate change. So why does the neuroscience matter? Because we now know it is possible to develop and grow your Creative Intelligence throughout your life. Like most things in life, the more you practice the better you get. That’s why we’re called Artgym, because we help you to flex your creative muscles and put your creativity to work.

“Creative Intelligence in managers and leaders is the strongest predictor of business performance.”

This is great news for business because high Creative Intelligence in managers and leaders is the strongest predictor of business performance. When applied, their Creative Intelligence fuels higher performance, innovation and growth across the whole of your organisation. Having coached over 100,000 organisational managers and leaders in many of the world’s most successful companies, we have seen this prove to be the case time and time again.

Everyone may have the potential to develop their Creative Intelligence, however it takes skill and practice to apply it effectively at work. But let’s address a common misconception. Creative Intelligence in the workplace is not about throwing people together to brainstorm a few new ideas. In fact, all empirical research shows that brainstorms produce sub-optimum results. Creative Intelligence in the workplace is about developing the right mindset, methods and behaviours that equip your workforce to respond and adapt at speed whilst continuously striving to improve their performance.

That’s why we have extensively researched, developed and tested the 21 skills that increase Creative Intelligence in the workplace. Working with neuropsychologists, international business experts and adult educationalists, we’ve crafted these 21 skills into practical learning for managers and leaders that makes a difference to your bottom line.

Everyone is creative. And every business today needs to be creative too. It doesn’t solely belong to the so-called ‘Creative sector’. Look how Finance and Retail are displaying exceptional levels of Creative Intelligence in their response to fast-changing consumer and market demands. Or how the Tech sector produces innovations that change human behaviour. Regardless of the industry you operate in, if you focus on developing the Creative Intelligence of your managers and leaders, we guarantee your performance will grow.