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Getting creative in challenging times

Douglas Brown

It’s been a challenging few weeks. Escalating concerns about Coronavirus has resulted in remote working, travel bans and restrictions to in-person meetings.

As four out of five of us now work in virtual teams already, we are very familiar with the pros and cons of staring at a shiny bright screen all day. When it comes to important meetings and events, the online experience can fall short of being an impactful experience. Many of us have had poor experiences with virtual learning: associating it with uninspiring content and a lack of interaction.

In the current crisis, the challenge we face is how to keep employees engaged, and business flowing

Research has found that 90% of people on virtual meetings are multitasking.

Traditional virtual learning relies on the facilitator talking participants through a series of slides they have shared. The facilitator has a small portion of screen to work with and can only use their cursor to point towards sections of the slides they are sharing. It’s hard to follow and feels inferior to having a practitioner in the room with you.

As remote working and global teams are on the rise, in-person workshops simply aren’t always practical or possible. Virtual learning enables us to overcome these challenges and keep teams connected and working together.

So, how can you make the virtual experience as engaging and effective as an in-person event? How can you create the same level of energy, participation and motivation with groups online as in a physical room?

Introducing Artgym’s Online Workouts



Artgym has prototyped, tested and launched a fully virtual learning experience called Online Workouts.

Online workouts are highly interactive virtual sessions used by a growing number of or clients for learning events, collaboration workshops, team development and important meetings.

In contrast to traditional virtual learning, the presenter is standing in front of a virtual background. Supported by a technical facilitator, the presenter uses polls, chat boxes and breakout rooms to keep the participants engaged throughout.

Our Online Workouts are delivered in 2-hour sessions and lead by our faculty of expert, Artgym-certified practitioners. Unlike off-the-shelf learning, these sessions are highly interactive, personalised and practical experiences that are guaranteed to make a different to people’s mindsets and behaviours, as well as a measurable impact to your bottom line.

Online workouts include pre and post assignments, designed to ensure that learning sticks. They are cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions for up to 45 participants, from any location globally.

Why not try a live demonstration and experience what it looks and feels like?

In times of unprecedented change, it’s human creativity and determination that creates opportunity. That’s why we are excited by the opportunity to embrace technology to keep people connected and their business flowing.

We don’t just want to talk you through the concept, we want you to experienceit.

Email: to set up a demonstration.