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Eight reasons to become a qualified leader of creative collaboration with Artgym Academy

Stephen Bates

We appreciate how overwhelming it can be to meet workplace demands, constantly be adapting to change, preparing for the future and striving to be the most creative, motivating and collaborative leader for your team.

There’s no better way to equip yourself to meet these 21st century challenges than to master and qualify as a leader of creative collaboration. Make joining Artgym Academy’s Facilitating Creative Collaboration Diploma course your New Year resolution for 2020.

But why creative collaboration? And why this course? Here are eight reasons:

1. The future of work is creative collaboration

It’s no secret that technology – led by digitisation, automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) – is going to change every workplace, in every industry. In many businesses this transition is already well underway. The impact on roles, work practices and job security will be huge.

The big question for every employee from leaders and managers to entry-level staff is how to stay relevant in this brave new world. The answer lies in what makes you truly human – your creativity. Your creativity enables you to adapt to change, and gives the potential to harness and control change.

The most sort-after, invaluable and indispensable people to companies are those who can catalyse this transformation in others, to unleash collective creativity and innovation in groups; and lead the collaborations within and between teams.

This course will not only help you understand and unlock your own creativity to help you stay relevant in the future workplace, but will enable you to draw on the power of groups and work confidently with group dynamics to drive collective creativity, collaboration and innovation.

2. Gain a professional qualification

It is one thing to equip yourself with the leadership skills and mindset for the current and future challenges of our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, but it’s another thing to convince employers/clients to entrust you with leading change within their organisations. This is why credentials are so important to your role, CV and career path.

Graduates of our Creative Collaboration Advanced Diploma, have the dual validation of professional excellence:
➢ Certified Artgym Advanced Practitioner.
➢ Association of Facilitators Accredited Practitioner Level 3.

3. Master our award-winning methodologies and tools

Artgym has transformed the way people work in organisations like Adidas, Sony Music, Amazon and lots of other household names. We created this course to share our ground-breaking techniques with people like you. You will go from good to great, as we equip you with all the practical skills you need for leading profound change through creative collaboration.

4. Learn from the best

We don’t believe in single-faceted learning, and we certainly don’t believe in one kind of expert. That’s why we designed an exciting blend of four highly immersive learning experiences, taught by acclaimed practitioners, leading academics and guest lecturers from a wide variety of fields who will inspire and ignite your creativity.

5. Start making a difference today

Your learning journey is designed to help you create a tangible impact in your work while you learn. You will design and deliver a project of your choice – one that has meaning and is relevant for you – where you will apply your learnings in the real world with the support and guidance of your peers and tutors.

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6. Move your creative intelligence level to ‘Expert’

We live in a world that has traditionally valued the analytical form of intelligence – IQ. But it is becoming increasingly clear that IQ alone is not the best indicator of the creative, innovative, collaborative leaders and teams companies need.

At Artgym Academy, we focus on and foster a new, richer, more innovative form of intelligence, called Creative Intelligence, or CQ. The higher a person’s CQ, the greater their capacity to create, re-create, adapt, innovate and inspire.

On this course, you will sharpen the creative side of your intelligence and learn how to recognise, enhance and put to good use the CQ in others.

7. Connect with our global community of practitioners

You will join our global community of practitioners who are all committed to leading profound change through creative collaboration. This will give you instant access to a growing support network of valuable contacts to continue learning with.

8. Last but not least, because our alumni say you should

You don’t need to take our word for it – our alumni testimonials speak for themselves. Through their learnings on the Facilitating Creative Collaboration Advanced Diploma, our alumni are successfully leading profound creative collaborations in organisations all over the world.

Take Mairead, for example – one of the graduates from our very first course:

I applied the skills of leading creative collaboration in order to empower and engage the membership of Royal College of Nursing. This has resulted in a highly active membership who have become Change Makers within the organisation. Through creative collaboration, the membership now have a voice, feel a sense of ownership and play a vital role in shaping the future of the Royal College of Nursing. Members are spreading their ideas and increasing their power to influence through an innovative use of storytelling, videos, podcasts and peer led events.

Hear from Artgym Academy graduates:

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