Stories, Images and Dreams collaborative event

29 June 2018

Posted By artgym

It was great to meet the diverse and talented group of participants and to hear about the amazing project as well as experience first-hand one of the facilitation techniques you use.

Stories, Images and Dreams invited people to explore the power of creative collaboration to positively shape the world around us.

On Thursday 14th June Artgym hosted the first in a series of open creative collaboration events beginning with Stories, Image and Dreams. The two-hour event at StillPoint in Clerkenwell explored creativity and change inspired by Artgym’s multi award-winning film The Moving Theatre.

The Moving Theatre is a documentary film that focuses on the experiences of 4 people on their migrant journeys. These 4 migrants were taken through the process of exploring their experiences to interpret their stories into mixed-media images, revealing emotive accounts of love, adventure, dreams, courage and strength.A creative team performed their stories back to them so that they could see their journeys unfold. This gave them the opportunity to not only share their story but also allowed them to find peace with it. The documentary provided an authentic voice of the migrant that led to winning 8 international film awards.

The screening of the documentary was followed by a panel discussion where Pia Jones, an integrative arts psychotherapist at the art therapy centre,and Artgym CEO Eugene Hughes discussed the evolution of the project.

 Image making was the key to unlocking peoples’ ability to express their stories

The power of sharing stories was the theme for Stories, Images and Dreams. Using these key words, participants were invited to take part in a creative exercise led by Artgym’s Creative Facilitator Louise Austin to discover and share their own stories and dreams, expressed in images, words and an interactive installation. What emerged from the workshop was an inspiring collection of personal stories, images, dreams and themes of growth, freedom, transformation and self-discovery. All donations from attendees were given to SHELTER, a charity that supports the homeless.

The next UK Advanced Diploma course starts on the 12th October 2018 and in Asia on the 19th October 2018.

Artgym work with people around the world who want to create the new and shape the world around them. Creativity drives innovation, change and transformation. That’s why Artgym believe by releasing your creativity, you have the power to create an extraordinary tomorrow. Visit the Artgym website http://artgym.com/or get in touch via http://artgym.com/contact-us/if you want to find out more about us.



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