Restoring the space between us: Sharing our alumni stories

6 August 2018

Posted By artgym

In a world which is often turbulent, uncertain and divided, creative collaboration can be a way to “restore the space between us” according to our alumni who gathered together 10 months on from graduating as Advanced Practitioners in Facilitating Creative Collaboration. Our Alumni were sharing their stories on how they were putting their creativity to good work in the world since graduation. We heard many common stories about how creative collaboration has the power to build bridges between divided and polarised groups. Creativity unites us in the common purpose of co-creating and bringing something new into the world.


One member of our Alumni shared a story of how he took on the challenge of saving a near insolvent community arts centre in his local community. He used the skills that he developed on the Advanced Diploma to help forge connection between the local council, community members and local artists. The Advance Diploma gave him the confidence and the ability to challenge and inspire a polarised and divided community to come together to co-create a revitalised future for their community centre.

His key insight from this experience was that he would not have had the confidence and courage to have taken on this project, if he hadn’t first faced his own fears and resistances. His exploration of his personal relationship with creativity during the Advanced Diploma, stretched him to accept the discomfort of “not knowing” and to confidently handle the turbulence of group work. This creative stance enabled him to build bridges and restore the space between different polarised groups.

Conclusion? You can’t do the work if you haven’t done the work on yourself first.

Do you want to learn how to use creative collaboration as a way to bring teams, organisations and communities together? Consider being part of our next Advanced Diploma in Facilitating Creative Collaboration and joining our community of change-makers!

To find out more about the Advanced Diploma, check out our page here.

Our next course starts this October 2018 and as the Course Director of the Advanced Diploma – if you would like an informal conversation with me to ask questions and find out about entry requirements – please call 0207 0333777- to book a call.

By Louise Austin, Course Director

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