What is your calling? How to make a difference in the world with Trebbe Johnson

4 July 2018

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“Your calling is the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep hunger.”

 What an extraordinary pair of concepts. Not gladness and sorrow, not hunger and food, but gladness and hunger.

What’s fascinating about this quote by American theologian Frederick Buechner, is that it tells us that the very thing that most fulfils each of us individually is exactly what will fulfil a very particular need in the world.

Trebbe Johnson is an author, founder of Radical Joy for Hard Times and a wilderness guide, helping people clarify what it is they really want to do most in life, and how to use the obstacles that get in their way to help them move forward.

She is the guest facilitator on Module 4: Making A Difference, of the Advanced Diploma in Facilitating Creative Collaboration

What is your calling?

 Quite often when we consider what our calling is, we discover that the very obstacles that get in our way, have a great deal of information to tell us about how we move ahead and move through.

Your calling is the focus of Module 4 of our Advanced Diploma in Facilitating Creative Collaboration. Using your experience, your gifts and your interactions with people, you will take that step over the threshold and claim who you really are in the world and how you really want most to contribute. You will realise that you can bring forth skills of leadership, creativity and insight in ways that you never thought possible.

How do you find your calling? Where and how will you step to that threshold? How will you find that place where your deep joy meets the world’s great, great need?

The aim of Module 4 is discovering how to support the development of positive outcomes that will have a transformative impact on teams, organisations, communities and the wider world.

As part of the Advanced Diploma course, this 3-day immersive experiential learning event will take place from the 31stJanuary to 3rdFebruary 2019 in the beautiful 42 Acres retreat in Cornwall. Module 4 includes self-directed learning through your self-expression and leadership project, a one-to-one tutorial, a peer-to-peer learning community that includes 2 hours supervision and course content to inform, stretch and inspire.

A residential live experience: January 31st, Feb 1st, 2ndand 3rd2019

(Kick off: Afternoon of January 31st 2019)


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