What is the right mindset for facilitating a creative collaboration?

15 August 2018

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“Facilitating a creative collaboration is not only a skill set but a stance you occupy” according to one of our recent graduates of the Advanced Diploma in Facilitating Creative Collaboration. Having the right mindset was a key theme of discussion with our alumni who had come together to share their learning and the impact of the course on their professional practice. Ten months on from graduation, they have all taken the skills they developed on the course and applied them in diverse ways in their work and lives. All of them agreed, however, that it was impossible to successfully facilitate a creative collaboration with a closed mindset!

A woman signals with her hand at a group workshop

As everyone shared their stories, it became apparent that the mindset for facilitating a creative collaboration is open and curious. This openness involves letting go of being “The Knowing Expert” and embracing different perspectives in order to explore different possibilities. Our alumni highlighted that this creative stance really challenges the prevailing status quo in business, which values certainty, control and being the expert. On the Advanced Diploma, our alumni learned how to deal with the anxiety that emerges in the face of uncertainty in order to open up the space for possibility, new ideas and disruptive thinking to emerge.

One of our alumni told us a story about how she drew upon her learnings about unconscious group dynamics gained during the Advanced Diploma. It was her open mindset, along with her new skill of “seeing” unconscious group dynamics, that enabled her to transform a really challenging group dynamic into a productive and creative one. She described the experience as “everything I had ever learnt on the Advanced Diploma was a living montage in this particular workshop I was facilitating”. Her enhanced ability to work at depth with a group meant she trusted rather than controlled the group process. By approaching the turbulent dynamics with a curious and open mindset, she was able to do creative, transformative and impactful work.

Conclusion? An open, curious mindset is a stance that enables you to facilitate deep transformation in groups.

Do you want to learn how to use creative collaboration to draw upon the power of the group and have a transformative impact on teams, organisations and communities?

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By Louise Austin, Course Director

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