What if we could picture how the world feels?

24 August 2015

Posted By artgym

Introducing ‘feelix’ and a global initiative to picture how the world feels.

Where the idea came from.

I work with images, metaphors and even dreams to help my clients unlock new ideas and insights. After all, a picture paints a thousand words. And this is particularly relevant when it comes to expressing your feelings. That’s because, it can be very difficult to express exactly how you feel through words alone. Images enable you to express your experience of being alive where words fall short. I’ve observed that if tracked over time, these images transform into valuable insight that enhances your ability to tune into your feelings, to distinguish between the different and often conflicting range of feelings you experience, to attune with the feelings of others and to better empathise with other people’s emotional experience of being alive. These images can become an important source of self-awareness and learning.

What if you could picture how you feel?

Picturing how you feel is a very simple yet potent idea. But just imagine the different contexts it could help: individuals seeking to know themselves better, schools wanting to help their student express themselves better, communities trying to have their voice heard, organisations seeking to understand their employees.

So I had an idea. What if you could create an App to help picture how you feel?

9 months later, based on neuro-scientific research and psychology, we created ‘feelix’, the worlds first image based emotograph.  feelix helps you to express your feelings through images and then catalogues and categorises the breadth and depth your feelings over time. I’m delighted to say that you can download feelix the App for free and warm heartedly invite you to:

What if you could picture how the world feels?

We decided to make the App free so that feelix could catalogue as many people’s feelings as possible so that feelix can track how the world is feeling. Currently you can see how people within a certain radius of you feel, you can see how people have felt over a period of time and our vision is to be able to share the full diversity and range of feelings across the planet.  That’s why, by contributing to feelix, you not only become more self-aware but you can ask yourself ‘how does the world feel today?’ and get the answer.

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