The Migrant Experience

21 October 2015

Posted By artgym

Artgym collaborates with Lebara, Beaconsfield Arts and migrant communities from around the world to present a unique exhibition, representing the authentic voice of the migrant experience.

The Foundry, Centre for Social Change, 17 Oval Way, Vauxhall, London, SE11 5RR.

The Migrant Experience

Over a period of one year, artgym worked in collaboration with the employees of Lebara, the universal brand for the global migrant community, to research over 700 individual migrant stories from all across the world. Some of these stories were personal experiences, while others were sourced by interviewing people living in their local communities.

In a series of creative events facilitated by artgym across Europe, Lebara employees came together to share their stories and reflect on the thoughts, feelings and insights that emerged. The key themes were captured in drawings and photographic portraits. From the ravages of war to the lure of adventure, the drive to survive and the desire to love, what emerged was a deeply touching, inspiring and authentic expression of people’s experiences of being alive.

All the content from this process was then curated by artgym, distinguishing four distinct phases of the migrant journey: leaving, arriving, settling and staying. This exhibition, invited and devised by Beaconsfield, produced in collaboration with artgym, represents a curated sample of the 700 migrant stories of Lebara’s employees.

The Migrant Experience is open daily 10am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, and runs until January 2016.

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