The ‘I am not creative’ delusion

29 June 2017

Posted By artgym

I believe creativity is our greatest human resource. However, the challenge we all face is that creativity suffers from the serious misconception that it primarily exists within  – and for  – arts, crafts and visual industries. Within this pervasive fantasy, we have divided the population of the planet into ‘creative people’ and then all the rest of us ‘non creatives’. However, neurologically, every human being has the capacity to think creativity*.

‘I am not creative’ is a deep-rooted belief that most people hold and this is the primary blocker to each of us accessing our creative thinking as a valuable and important resource. In a world that demands us all to constantly adapt, evolve and innovate at an ever-increasing speed, it’s time we all reclaimed our creativity and learnt how we can put it to work.

Here’s a short video where I attempt to answer the question ‘Why Creativity Matters’.

Would love to hear why you believe creativity matters, or not.

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