The 9 core competencies for leading innovation and change

What does it take to lead innovation and change in the 21st century? Our researchers asked over 200 senior business leaders in some of the world’s leading businesses and discovered the nine core competencies successful leaders share.

Creativity Self Assessment

Artgym’s self-assessment tool helps you see how you are currently using your creativity and how to boost your creativity at work even more.

Leadership Archetypes

The Leadership Archetypes provide a simple but profound way for you to develop your authentic leadership style. Discover how you lead and how to be highly effective in your unique leadership style.

Value Cards

When you’re working with groups it’s important to work out the values everyone shares. They influence the decisions people make. Examples are reliability, loyalty and friendship. We’ve created a set of cards to help you discover what those values are for your group.

My Best Self

Discover how you make a positive difference to the people around you.

Creative Problem Solving

This is a great design thinking exercise to help teams generate fresh ideas and find creative solutions to problems. It’s designed to be a preparation session for brainstorming and ideating around a problem and gets the team outside and into the world in order to explore, find inspiration and generate new insights.

8 key lessons from leaders in China

Is creativity emerging as China’s greatest resource for leading business in the 21st century?

We were eager to learn more about this creative confidence emerging from China and set out to interview the leaders driving this transformation. Our report looks closely at the rise of this new creative confidence and how China is actually redefining creativity.