Unlocking the power to create

According to a 2019 Linkedin survey of over 300,000 job postings, the number one skill companies want in their people is creativity. Every 21st century professional should think of themselves as both a ‘creator’ and a ‘co-creator’. So how do you empower your employees to create?

We help your employees develop the mindsets, behaviors and methods that access their creative thinking and put it to work. This will significantly increase your employees’ ability to enhance performance and influence positive change in their roles.

Our approach is based on the neuroscience of creative thinking combined with best practices from the worlds of design, storytelling, theatre and art. Whether participating in a two-hour Skills Gym or a three-month program, it will be a highly immersive, practical experience, tailored to meet your specific real-world, real-time needs.

Example topics we specialize in:

Example topics we specialize in:

  • The Creative Mindset
  • Design Thinking 3.0
  • Co-creating with Colleagues
  • Prototyping Solutions
  • Storytelling for Change
  • The Art of Continuous Improvement
  • Accelerated Working Practices
  • Effective Virtual Team-working
  • Being Accountable
  • Empowering Others To Create


Using our award winning creative learning approach,we have challenged and stretched adidas’ leadersglobally since 2011.

Learners have attributed their development in theadidas Leadership development framework to ourlearning experiences.


Since 2014, we‘ve worked with Westfield to helpthem create their culture of collaboration, innovationand high performance.

At the core of their ask was for us to design anddeliver an aspirational and challenging learningexperience – here’s how.


We worked with Spotify to gain insight into their existing practice, define what excellence looks like, identify the right talent for the new team, develop team performance and ensure ongoing peak performance was sustained.