Transform managers into effective leaders of innovation and change

The role of creative leaders is to harness the creative potential of each individual at the same time as bringing diverse perspectives together to work in creative collaborations that explore and create new possibilities.

Creative leaders are not seeking to maintain the status quo; they strive to effectively navigate their teams through constant change, solve complex problems, challenge conventions and positively impact the world around them.

Gain the mindset, behaviors and methods you need to effectively lead innovation and change, as well as cultivate a culture of creative collaboration. Artgym has helped over 100,000 leaders around the world to do just that, so you’ll benefit from our extensive research and experience.

Whether through 1-2-1 coaching, team coaching, or participating in one of Artgym’s tailor made creative leadership programs, you will:

• Develop your self-awareness as a leader
• Develop the right mindset for leading creative collaboration across teams
• Master the psychology of groups and group dynamics
• Master the practices, methodologies and techniques for leading innovation and change
• Practice and apply new ideas and methods in the real-world so that you see actual results

We offer: One-to-one Coaching | Leadership Team Coaching | 1-2 day Leadership Masterclasses | 2-5 day Leadership Skills Workouts | Wilderness Retreats

The 9 core competencies for leading innovation and change

What does it take to lead innovation and change in the 21st century? Our researchers asked over 200 senior business leaders in some of the world’s leading businesses and discovered the nine core competencies successful leaders share.

Leadership Archetypes

The Leadership Archetypes provide a simple but profound way for you to develop your authentic leadership style. Discover how you lead and how to be highly effective in your unique leadership style.

Lead Like a River

Lead Like a River is our eight-day transformational leadership experience in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

It’s both a real-world adventure and an inner journey of discovery that guides you to the source of your inspiration and back.

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