Lead Like a River 2018

19 January 2018

Posted By artgym


Can I Lead Like a River?

What do you stand for as a leader and how do you inspire others to be led by you?

What is your vision for the future and how can your work truly benefit people and the planet?

Lead Like a River is an outer adventure and inner journey of discovery that guides you to the source of inspiration and back. Ranked in The Times Top 20 Life-Changing Experiences, Lead Like a River is your call to the adventure of a lifetime, and a unique opportunity to define the impact you make in this world.

Lead Like a River is an experiential journey rooted in well-established psychological theories and practices specifically designed for people who want to make a difference in the world. Combining the extraordinary landscape of the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Lead Like a River enables you to shape a path for your professional life that you and only you can follow. Across the eight days, you will experience facilitated group discussion, individual exercises and solo time in nature led by your highly experienced guides – Eugene Hughes and Trebbe Johnson,

Dates for this year have been released – 21st – 28th July 2018 in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, spaces are limited to 10 with a select few remaining.

Download the Lead Like a River brochure to read about the programme in detail and please contact Elene Managadze (  to register your interest or to request to speak to one of our guides.

It takes courage to engage with our purposeful self and to make a commitment to use this as the source of our potency and power in the world. Lead Like a River is the opportunity to answer this call to nature.

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