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19 August 2015

Posted By artgym

feelix is a brand new free app that helps you to visually express and identify your emotions from day to day, creating your very own ‘emotoscape’. Its aim is to help users develop their own emotional awareness by allowing them to log and track their feelings from day to day – or even from hour to hour.

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How to Use

feelix is incredibly simple to navigate and does well to recognise the need for users to go straight from one step to the next, without interference. There are just five icons to get your head around, each is clear and simple, so this app is suitable even for those who aren’t confident on a tablet or smartphone. They are: Home, Pick, Take, Graphs and More.

You can create your picture, or ‘emotopic’ in 4 easy steps

  1. Touch the ‘Pick’ icon, which will take you to feelix’s library. Simply scroll through and select whichever image relates most to how you are feeling. Alternatively, you can take or upload your own image by using the ‘Take’ icon instead of ‘Pick’.
  2. feelix will now ask you to select the colour that best describes your feelings at that time.
  3. Once you have tapped a colour, you are asked to choose an emotion from our extensive list of options.
  4. Finally, you have the option to add a caption, if you wish. If not, just press ‘Save’. Your picture will now appear on the home screen, in your grid and calendar.


how to use feelix app

Once your emotopic has been saved, you can even click the ‘share’ icon to share your image with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

As you create more and more emotopics, you will see your emotopic library developing – we call this your ‘emotoscape. Click onto the ‘graphs’ icon where you can view your visual expressions several in different ways.

There is a grid, where each emotopic is categorised by the name of the emotion, over time, you will be able to really notice how often you identified certain emotions, as well as those you have not identified at all. The graphs menu also has a calendar and even a ‘global’ tab – the latter allowing you to see how other feelix users have been feeling; choose to see global results or by distance to see how people close by have been feeling.

how to use the feelix app

The final area of the app is labelled, ‘more’. Here you can opt to set a daily reminder, prompting you to add a new picture to your emotoscape. You’ll also find some interesting background reading as well as links to

Emotional Intelligence

The past couple of decades have seen a significant shift in the way we perceive and evaluate a person’s intelligence. While IQ (intelligence quotient) refers to how academic a person is, emotional intelligence, or EQ, refers to our ability to perceive, control, evaluate and express emotions. Not just our own emotions either. In fact, the way we interact and empathise with others is a significant indicator of where we are on the EQ scale. There are five main categories currently used when assessing emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

Of course, we are neither one nor the other, but a combination of IQ and EQ. Yet the more scientists, researchers and educators are learning about EQ, the more they are realising its importance on our everyday life – and in turn our ability to succeed. It is therefore incredibly important for us to start understanding our own EQ, which is where feelix comes in.

Going back to the definition of emotional intelligence – we must learn to perceive, control, evaluate and express our emotions if we are to develop our EQ. By creating the pictures in feelix you can perceive and express your feelings. The emotoscape then allows you to evaluate your emotions, and over time, learn to listen and respond to them.

Sharing your emotopics enables you to let others see our innermost feelings through a simple image. The more we share, the more we can cultivate empathy and compassion.

Feelix is available to download now, for free. Just click on the link, install, and start to picture how you feel.

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