Unlock the creative power of groups

Facilitating Creative Collaboration Advanced Diploma

Become a fully accredited practitioner armed with the sought-after skills required to unlock the creativity, innovation and collaboration within individuals and teams, in just 10 months.

London course: March 2019
Shanghai course: Fall 2019
Course length: 10 months
Participants: Maximum 15
Apply: Email the course director.
Video: Artgym graduates from Adidas, Sony and Royal College of Nursing share their experiences of course.

  • Do you want to be the catalyst of profound change in a group or organisation?
  • Are you eager to learn how to unlock the creative power of groups?
  • Do you need to help teams collaborate more effectively?
  • Will developing your own creative potential make your work more impactful?

The basics

Artgym Academy’s Facilitating Creative Collaboration 10-month course is designed to meet the global need for facilitators fully qualified to lead profound change in groups, organisations and communities through creative collaboration.

On this programme, you will discover and release your own creative potential so you can confidently release the collective creativity of others. Why? Because in the 21st century, creativity is the essential tool for adapting to and leading change.

For the past 15 years, Artgym has worked to transform the way people work in world-leading brands such as Adidas, Sony Music and Amazon. We launched this ground-breaking course to share our award-winning methodologies and techniques with people like you.

Artgym’s Facilitating Creative Collaboration course, based in London and Shanghai, is a part-time online and face-to-face learning experience over 5 modules led by a mix of highly acclaimed guest lecturers, contributors and tutors. Our successful graduates are both qualified as certified Artgym advanced practitioners and fully accredited by the Association of Facilitators.

The course emphasises real-world practice alongside theory. We will coach you on how to apply the new mindsets, methods and techniques in your work, enabling you to better tackle issues and deliver solutions as you work towards your Diploma.

Are you ready to join us on a 10-month inspirational journey of personal transformation?

Who is this course for?

The Facilitating Creative Collaboration Advanced Diploma is designed for any individual who works with groups, teams or team leaders and has a burning desire to drive creativity, innovation and change.

The course attracts an array of participants including team leaders, facilitators, coaches, trainers, managers, consultants, learning and development specialists, and change agents.

We expect applicants to have a minimum of five years’ experience in one of these fields.

Course attendees come from or go on to work in health care, education, unions, media, multinational brands and their own successful facilitation and coaching businesses.

How will it benefit me?

Take your career to new heights
If you are an experienced practitioner with a burning desire to do really purposeful work that has an impact on the world, then this programme will take you and your career to new heights.

Learn practical skills
You will go from good to great, as we equip you with all the practical skills you need for leading profound change through creative collaboration.

Learn from the best
We have designed an exciting blend of five highly immersive learning experiences, taught by acclaimed practitioners, leading academics and guest lecturers who will inspire and ignite your creativity.

Discover your creative potential
Discover and release your creative potential so you can go on to confidently mobilise and release the collective creativity of others.

Develop and grow
You will discover and shape your own unique style of facilitating and leading transformation and change.

Discover the power of the group
You will learn how to draw on the power of the group and work confidently with group dynamics.

Connect with our global community of practitioners
You will join our global community of practitioners who are all committed to leading profound change through creative collaboration. This will give you instant access to a growing support network of valuable contacts to continue learning with.

How is the course structured

The course is divided into five modules. Each module is designed to enable you to experience, practice and apply your learnings in order to facilitate creative collaboration across different contexts and stakeholder groups, from initial conceptualisation and design through to delivery and impact assessment.

Course Structure

Being a Facilitator
Harnessing Your Unique Contribution Igniting Creativity.
Developing Personal and Collective Creativity
Drawing Upon the
Power of the Group
Working with Group Dynamics.
Making a
Co-creating Transformative Results.
Striving for
Professional Excellence
Putting Your Experience to Good Work.

What is project-based learning?

The course will share Artgym’s years of experience and know-how with learnings drawn from business, academia, psychology, and the arts. But theory can only take you so far. The unique benefit of this course is that it enables you to apply your learning in real time.

The centrepiece of the Facilitating Creative Collaboration course is your Self Expression and Leadership Project (SELP). Over the 10 months, you will research, design and deliver your own self-determined creative collaboration project tackling real needs within your workplace, with your clients or in your community. Our graduates have delivered many inspirational programs as their SELP resulting in profound change in diverse organisations and communities.

Why is accreditation and certification important?

The Facilitating Creative Collaboration Advanced Diploma not only enables you to have a tangible, transformative impact in your work; it also provides you industry-recognised marks of professional excellence.

Once you’ve successfully completed the course, you will become an Artgym Certified Advanced Practitioner and an Accredited Facilitator (up to Level 3) with The Association of Facilitators.

The Association of Facilitators (AoF) is a membership organisation dedicated to supporting facilitators through high-quality training, accreditation and supervision. It exists to support everyone working as a facilitator, including managers, leaders, development professionals and consultants working with private, public, charity and education bodies — in fact, anyone, in any industry, who leads groups and teams.

As a member of both the Artgym and Association of Facilitators communities, you will have access to new learnings, industry news and discounts on further courses. Both also offer the potential for continued mentorship and development in your career, as well as access to global networks.

What do the graduates say about the course?

My confidence and understanding of myself as a facilitator has increased and I’ve received very positive feedback from my colleagues and stakeholders.

Matthew Stone, 2017 Alumni

It has provided me with a whole new set of tools with which to work. I didn’t see the importance of creativity in transformation before I started the Diploma, but now I understand what a difference it can make.

Debbie Scola, 2017 Alumni

How much does the course cost?

The cost includes the 10-month course of five modules and all tutorials.

London-based course:

  • For self-funded individual practitioners: £4,750 +VAT.
  • For employer-funded participants: £5,850 +VAT.

Shanghai-based course:

  • For self-funded individual practitioners: ¥41,600.
  • For employer-funded participants: ¥51,300.

Meet the tutors

Louise Austin
Course Director Louise has over 25 years experience in leading change through applying creative based methodologies. She is responsible for the overall academic delivery of the programme and oversees accreditation and certification.
Rob Schilling
Course Director Shanghai and Singapore Rob brings his diverse career experience from the past 30 years of facilitation and coaching to act as our Course Director for Shanghai and Singapore.
Dr Peter Ride
Guest Lecturer Peter is Course Director of the MA Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture at the University of Westminster, with a background in the arts and cultural industries. He joined the University of Westminster in 2000 and now acts as Principal Research Fellow.
Remy Bertrand
Guest Lecturer With a background in acting, Remy has been designing and delivering experiential, improvisation-based training for individuals and organisations for the past 12 years. He runs imprology, a successful improvisationbased training company founded in 2005. Among other improvisation accolades, he was featured on BBC2 teaching improv for The Speaker in 2009, and also teaches improv to post-graduates at the Drama Studio London.
Trebbe Johnson
Guest Lecturer Trebbe is a writer and a nature based facilitator and guide. She is author of such works as “The World is a Waiting lover”. Since 1993 she has worked as a guide of vision quests, workshops and other mythic journeys in nature. She founded Radical Joy for Hard Times, an organisation devoted to finding beauty in the Earth’s wounded places.

How do I apply?

Take the first step by setting up an information call with our Course Director, Louise Austin. Email Louise now or click on the Request a Call button on the right.

Would you like to talk over any aspect of the course? Call us now.