Digital learning that impacts your bottom line.

Four out of five of us work in virtual teams already. Distributed teams are the norm and we won’t let that be a barrier to transformational learning.

When you bring together expert coaching, world-class content and a highly engaging digital platform, you get Online Workouts. 

Turbo charge your learning experience through:

Highly personalised, collaborative learning that impacts people’s mindset and behaviours

Practical, real-time application that drives higher performance

What are Online Workouts?

Online Workouts are highly interactive digital learning experiences where learners come together virtually to practice and apply key business skills. There are three principles which underpin the design of our Online Workouts:

1: A MOTIVATIONAL MINDSET: you get to understand your mindset and behaviours and what motivates you to be your best.

2: PRACTICING NEW SKILLS WITH OTHERS: you don’t sit back and listen, you work in teams with others to practice new skills by problem solving together.

3: MAKING AN IMPACT: you bring your real-life business challenges with you and you work out how to use your learning to make a difference.

Who are these Online Workouts for? 

  • New managers to senior managers looking to make a real impact in their current role.
  • Professionals looking to make a real impact in their current role.
  • Teams looking to upskill at speed, together.
  • Virtual teams looking to learn critical skills together.


What do you learn?

After researching 1,000+ business leaders in China, US & Europe, we have created a list of 21 Skills that increase the creative intelligence of your managers and leaders.

Each Online Workout will cover one or two key theoretical models and practices that learners can immediately apply back in their role.

What are the benefits?

Benefits for participants:

Fully researched for relevance: Following our extensive research, participants will learn skills that are critical for every professional to succeed in the 21st century.

Learn by doing: Learners get to practice and apply new skills in small teams with their fellow learners which they can then use in their own working environment.

1:2:1 tuition: As well as group learning, learners also receive personal coaching from one of our Artgym Coaches.

Engaging and collaborative environment: Online Workouts are dynamic, group-learning sessions where participants learn new ideas, behaviours and skills together.

Learn from best practice: Participants will master globally-recognised best practices and be shown practical techniques in how to apply them.

The facilitator comes to life: Instead of sharing screens, your facilitator will deliver with content supported by an interactive background to bring you the in person experience, virtually.

Benefits for your organisation:

Whole teams can learn together: Up to 45 people from your locations around the world can interact and learn at the same time.

Learning that scales: Since each Online Workout can host up to 45 learners, there is a much lower cost per participant ratio.

Save on travel time and costs: As it’s 100% digital, there’s no need to fly participants to a learning centre or to pay for hotel accommodation.

Relevant to your particular business issues: Participants need to demonstrate how to apply their learning to their own real world issues and challenges – resulting in real business impact for your organization.

Sustainable and lasting change: Participants will learn how to continuously adapt and innovate at the speed your business requires them to.

How are Online Workouts delivered?

They are digital courses that are split into three parts.

Part 1: Pre-event assignment

Part 2: 1 x 2-hour facilitated Online Workout

Part 3: Application follow up

Every Online Workout session runs for two hours on Zoom Education. They are led in an energetic and action-focused way by an Artgym Online Workout Instructor who has strong coaching skills and is an expert in that particular Online Workout topic.

Participants can utilise a variety of tools such as writing in a chat box, raising their hand, answering poll questions, annotate on collaborative whiteboards and split off into break out groups for smaller and more intimate discussions. The variety of possible interactions enable us to design our virtual workouts with a strong focus on human connection that is lost in so many other virtual sessions.

To complement the two-hour Online Workout session, learners are sent interactive communications and assignments two weeks in advance to get them in the right mindset. They are then sent another set of interactive communications and assignments two weeks after the Online Workout session, so they can demonstrate practical application of their learning.

What makes Online Workouts different?

What sets our Online Workouts apart is our approach. Based on the latest research in psychology, neuroscience and next generation learning, we summarize our award-winning learning model in three words:

By applying this learning model, we guarantee maximum learning impact.

How do I find out more/apply?

To arrange an information call with our Head of Experiences, Douglas Brown, simply email Doug.

Can you create a bespoke Online Workout module for my organization?

Yes, we can. Send Doug an email and we will be in touch to discuss how we can design and deliver a virtual Online Workout curriculum for you.

What do others say about Online Workouts?

"By being asked to bring in a scenario from my current work, it made sure that the learning was relevant to my context and therefore was easier to apply when I finished the Online Workout"


"I left feeling connected to 45 more colleagues!"


"These Online Workouts have equipped me with the skills that every 21st Century Leader should be able to demonstrate."


"The breakout room feature is truly amazing. It allowed me to immediately practice what I was learning on the Online Workout with my colleagues and get live feedback from them."


"Having the post-Online Workout assignment just two weeks after the session made sure I took forward my momentum to apply my learning."


"This is the direction where learning is going. Being in a virtual environment with colleagues spread around the world all learning and sharing together."