Lead Like a River

Level: Experienced Leaders

Duration: 8 Days

Price: €3,750


For people who want to put their unique contribution to good work in this world

Have you ever asked yourself what your unique contribution to this world could be? Or how your leadership can truly benefit people and the planet?

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Dedication, creative thinking and a finely honed sense of what people deeply want. A refusal to give up when things get tough. Yet you know, deep down, that your work isn’t finished.

Lead Like a River is an eight-day leadership retreat in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. You’ll shape a path for your professional and personal life that you, and only you, can follow.

You’re ready to harness the talents, experience and vision that have already served you well and redirect them in a way to change the world.

A Call to Adventure

Lead Like a River is an adventure. Yes, you’ll be brought right back to nature. But the real adventure begins with you finding a renewed sense of purpose.

A Call for Change

You’ll know that however far you’ve got, there’s further to go. And you need to adapt and grow.

A Call for Giving

You’ll feel you’ve got more to contribute. Your skills and experience are now ready to make a bigger difference in the world.

Our next journey begins:

27 July – 03 August 2019


The five big reasons people want to Lead Like a River:

  1. “I’m standing at a crossroads in my life and asking, “What Now?”
  2. “I want to feel confident in who I truly am and what I have to offer to the world.”
  3. “It’s time I let go of the old beliefs and behaviours that hold me back.”
  4. “I want to make a stand for what I truly believe in.”
  5. “I want my work to make a more meaningful difference to the lives of others.”

“Life changing. Lead Like a River was a profound and moving experience. I have become a more inspirational and effective leader."

Kathryn O’Brien, Creative Director, Germany

“Trebbe and Eugene are the two amazing shepherds who guided me through this journey in the high Atlas Mountains of Morocco, learning the signs from nature and listening to my inner voice. The answer is always there ... once I start listening to my heart. Experience of a lifetime, unreal!"

Mono Lui, Product Director

Course Structure

The Lead Like a River process combines facilitated group work, individual exercises, solo time in nature and ample opportunity to explore important subjects that emerge during our journey together.

Day 1
What Brings you here?
Learning from your path, past and present.
Day 2
How your Energy Flows
Exploring what boosts and blocks your energy and the impact your energy has on the world around you.
Day 3
The Whole of you
Acknowledging, appreciating and working with all the different parts of who you are.
Day 4
What Calls you Now?
Getting clearer on how to make a difference to people and the planet.
Day 5
The Solo Experience
Solo time spent from dawn to dusk in deep reflection in the High Atlas Mountains.
Day 6
The Leader Returns
Making the transition from the leader you were to the leader you are called to be.
Day 7
How your Contribution Feeds the World
Defining the different practices you need to make a shift - and working through the obstacles that stand in your way.
Day 8
Crossing the Threshold
Committing to the contribution you want to make to the world.

Meet Your Tutors

Eugene Hughes
Eugene Hughes is a Psychotherapist and group facilitator with over 20 years experience in the field of personal and professional development. He is also Chief Executive at artgym; a multi-award winning organisation dedicated to helping people put their creativity to good work. His work spans multiple sectors, from guiding some of the world’s most successful leaders to facilitating collaborations between corporations, charities and local communities.
Trebbe Johnson
Trebbe Johnson is the founder and executive director of Radical Joy for Hard Times, a non-profit organization devoted to finding and making beauty in wounded places. Since 1995 she has been offering programs worldwide that combine the mythic quest, the personal search for meaning, and the discovery of wisdom and insight through nature.
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