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My Best Self

For leaders or managers; coaches and facilitators.

In this workout, you will draw upon self-reflection and solicit feedback from people in your personal and professional network so that you will better understand and articulate a portrait of who you are, how you contribute and what value you add when you are operating at your best.

The process involves generating a self-reflection on your best self by gathering feedback in the form of short anecdotes about times when you were at your best from past/present work colleagues, friends and family.

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My confidence and understanding of myself as a facilitator has increased and I’ve received very positive feedback from my colleagues and stakeholders.

Matthew Stone, 2017 Alumni

Spontaneous image making that is where the raw energy, raw feelings, raw emotion and a lot of the charges are in that. Because once people start to think, they begin to censor, We really wanted to get the uncensored material of their story.

Pia Jones, Story Director, The Moving Theatre

A tough but rewarding experience. Rooted in a ‘learn by doing’ philosophy which differentiates it from traditional leadership programs.

2016 Programme participant, Hong Kong

Life changing. Lead Like a River was a profound and moving experience. I have become a more inspirational and effective leader.

Kathryn O’Brien, Creative Director, Germany
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