Why we were asked in.

We’ve loved working with Westfield since 2010.

It was in 2014, they tasked us to help them develop their culture of collaboration, innovation and high performance. At the core of their ask was for us to design and deliver an aspirational and challenging learning experience – where their senior executives and emerging talent could learn together. Their organisational values of Collaboration, Innovation, Achievement and Community (‘the Westfield Edge’) needed to be central and it had to be an experience which their self-determined and very ambitious employees would be stretched by.

What we did.

We created and delivered a sought after, highly creative and very challenging 12-month learning experience – which we continue to deliver for Westfield yearly.

Each year, following an application process, 22 participants are personally mentored by a Westfield board member or Senior Director as well as stretched to learn collaboratively and creatively through a series of artgym facilitated workshops and activities and through delivery of a challenging business innovation project – which stretches them personally and requires them to have strategic influence and impact.

The results

"I’ve never seen a programme of this scale implemented before now. What a big impact it’s having across the business. The business also now has ‘Westfield Edge’ champions embedded within it’s fabric – actively and consciously role modelling behaviours. Fantastic!"

Gareth Cheeseman, Head of Finance

2015 Programme Participant

12 Impactful innovation projects implemented leading to significant revenue growth and brand building implications for Westfield.
15+ Board members and senior leaders have become role models of the Westfield Edge and skilled Mentors who help Westfield employees learn and grow.
66+ Participants have developed their ability to lead themselves, their teams and the business more effectively – with positive results every day.