Why we were asked in.

The Moving Theatre helped people to use their own creativity to express their migrant journeys and in the process find peace with their experience.

The documentary acted as a platform for the authentic voice of the migrant and was circulated across the globe, winning 8 international film awards.

A valuable educational tool, The Making of the Moving Theatreshares the creative process used, and both Pia Jones and Eugene Hughes, the directors of the Moving Theatre, share their insights and learnings.

What we did.

Working with creative therapists, film makers and puppet makers, The Moving Theatre gave 4 people the opportunity to explore their experience through images, colour and movement.

Using this, the creative team then created performances of their lives that were presented back to each storyteller. In this moving process, people not only found a way to share their story but also found a peace with the experience.

The results

"Spontaneous image making that is where the raw energy, raw feelings, raw emotion and a lot of the charges are in that. Because once people start to think, they begin to censor, We really wanted to get the uncensored material of their story."

Eugene Hughes, Director

The Moving Theatre

600+ Stories of migration shared.
59 Nationalities that were involved in this project.
7 Different countries were visited.