Why we were asked in.

Spotify wanted to establish a world class customer service team. Based in the UK, this team would provide support and advice to customers globally.

We worked with Spotify to gain insight into their existing practice, define what excellence looks like, identify the right talent for the new team, develop team performance and ensure ongoing peak performance was sustained.

What we did.

We spent time with the existing Customer Services team in Stockholm to understand the business, their products and their current role in supporting their customers.

We used our appreciative enquiry approach to understand how they currently worked as a team and with customers to see what worked well in the current structure, what could be improved and how their role would change as the global Customer Service Centre was established in UK

We then designed and developed an Assessment Centre to enable Spotify to attract and identify talent for the team. The assessment centre was dynamic, rigorous and on brand and was run totally by existing CS Team members

A two-week intensive, interactive and highly creative face-to-face development experience with ongoing project work was designed for further development of the individual and the team. Given that most of the new team were Generation Y employees, the practical, creative and real world nature of the program were key.

We worked closely with the existing team (from the Stockholm office) to enable them to deliver the team development program internally – sharing their expertise, empowering and developing them.

The results

"The entire team development program designed for us by Artgym has been incredibly effective. really thorough, creative and impactful. it definitely got our team established and up to speed – working together in a very fun, innovative, practical way. it has had very tangible results for the Customer Service team, our business and, most importantly, our customers globally."

Head of Customer Services UK & Sweden