Why we were asked in.

Artgym had developed an award-winning methodology for designing and delivering large scale engagement and cultural transformation projects within global corporations.

We wanted to transfer the best practice knowledge and expertise we’d developed within the global corporate sector to local community.

Supported by the UK Government department of Business and Innovation, Artgym collaborated with local community organisations and individuals to have a cross-cultured shared learning experience whilst creating a vision for a greener, brighter future for Kingston.

What we did.

Artgym applied a clearly defined process to help frame the planning and delivery of this community engagement.

Plan: a collaborative process involving learners
Design: based on needs defined by learners
Deliver: co-create learner – generated content and outcomes using interdisciplinary arts
Communicate: use the learner generated content to inform, educate and engage.

This experience also brought diverse groups learning together, which for many participants was a first time experience.

The results

"You have no idea what a miracle you achieved. it is incredibly hard to engage a community in learning and especially hard to get young people and old people together and even harder to make these events truly diverse and inclusive."

Our Kingston, Our Future Organiser

"When you get down to our grass roots you realise it is not "them" and "us" but "we". We may come from different backgrounds but deep down we share the same human values."

Our Kingston, Our Future Participant

300+ People engaged.
150+ Stories shared across generations.
4 Big ideas chosen by Transition Town Kingston as key projects.