Why we were asked in. needed its people to start breathing life into new group brands.

To do this, their 1800 staff had to know the customers, own the strategy, and take the responsibility for delivering it on their own shoulders. wanted a landmark event to act as a catalyst for cultural transformation, touching every single person in the company.

What we did.

We started by listening carefully to staff in all countries. It became clear, to reach the leaderships targets, everyone needed to be involved directly.

So rather than run one event, we set up 21 ‘Brand Gyms’ with up to 100 people each, across Europe. They were designed to immerse all staff and outsource partners in the new brands. They’d be generating their own amazing brand content. And they’d be absolutely engaged in delivering it.

During each Brand Gym, teams were transformed into agencies. They generated their own campaigns. Their work was edited in real time, and teams presented their brand masterpieces back to everyone. Everything was put on the intranet, so all creative output and ideas were shared.

We focused people on practical actions. Each employee created three ideas they could personally implement to bring the new brands to life. And then, thinking big as a local team, leaders and staff whittled down ten big ideas to one single local deliverable.

This gave an active local focus within a deep emotional understanding of the global brands.

The results

"It has been an epiphany to me in terms of all the ideas and the astonishing creativity of our people. The emotion, the energy, the passion. The place is buzzing and awash with energy."

Ian McCaig, CEO

89% Understanding company strategy across the whole organisation - Target 70%+.
89% Understanding of the brands across the whole organisation - Target 50%+.
85% Increase the percentage of employees accessing and using the intranet - Target 35%+.