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Creative Learning

When you ignite people’s passion to learn and release their creativity - extraordinary things happen.

Creative Learning links the motivation and creativity of your people to your real-time business challenges and ambitions. Our clients say it’s ‘the most empowering, relevant and practical way to learn for today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven world’.

Your people’s talent and potential are there, inside them, waiting to be released. Our great skill is creating learning experiences where your people draw upon their own creative resources to learn how to use their talent to adapt and innovate together, at the speed your business requires.

From a three hour ‘skills gym’, to implementing an organisation-wide learning eco-system, our award-winning approach combines innovations in digital technology, psychology and neuroscience. We have proven best-practice in delivering behavioural, cultural and commercial impact for your business.

Since 2014, we‘ve worked with Westfield to help them create their culture of collaboration, innovation and high performance.

At the core of their ask was for us to design and deliver an aspirational and challenging learning experience – here’s how.

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Using our award winning creative learning approach, we have challenged and stretched adidas leaders globally since 2011.

Learners have attributed their development in the adidas Leadership development framework to our learning experiences.

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