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Creative Collaboration

Ultimately, it’s your people who hold the key to your success.

Creative Collaboration is the art of people working together through a shared sense of purpose to create extraordinary outcomes. Outcomes that challenge conventions, make a significant difference and could not have been achieved by working alone.

We work with you in three main areas:

  • Within Organisations
  • Across Organisations
  • In the Community

Within Organisations

We help you to bring all your people together to create extraordinary results. Supported by our award-winning methodology, our teams are expert at creating high-performing, collaborative working cultures – enabling you to create an extraordinary tomorrow.

At the heart of Lebara’s culture is the desire to give back and make a difference to the communities of our customers and their family and friends. It is my hope that by each and every one of our employees truly feeling the migrant experience, we will best serve their needs.

Ratheesan Yoganathan, CEO Lebara

When you get down to our grass roots you realise it is not "them" and "us" but "we". We may come from different backgrounds but deep down we share the same human values.

Our Kingston, Our Future Participant

Spontaneous image making that is where the raw energy, raw feelings, raw emotion and a lot of the charges are in that. Because Once people start to think, they begin to censor, We really wanted to get the uncensored material of their story

Eugene Hughes, Director, The Moving Theatre

You have no idea what a miracle you achieved. it is incredibly hard to engage a community in learning and especially hard to get young people and old people together and even harder to make these events truly diverse and inclusive.

Our Kingston, Our Future Organiser

Artgym combined storytelling and visualisation with their award-winning creative collaboration methodology.

We helped Lebara employees to truly ‘feel their customer’ and define the values and behaviours needed to transform their organisation culture.

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Across Organisations

Every 21st century business must strive to put the consumer at the heart of its business. That’s why we help you to collaborate with your consumers to co-create consumer-centred processes, services and products. We also bring global businesses together with other user groups to work out some of the big issues they face. This involves sharing experiences, gaining new insights and putting their creativity to work.

The Making of, "The Moving Theatre"

An Artgym documentary that brought together over 600 migrants to share their experiences with the wider world.

We were determined to personalise and connect others to some true experiences of migrant journeys.

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In the Community

We believe in the mutual value of businesses working in collaboration with local communities and third sector organisations. We lead large-scale creative collaborations that make a positive difference to the people and the planet. Recent work includes a series of publications, exhibitions and documentaries.

Our Kingston, Our Future

Bringing diverse groups together in a creative collaboration to create a shared vision for the future of their community.

Supported by the UK Government Department of Business and Innovation, we transferred our best practice expertise, developed in global corporates, to the Kingston community.

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If you are interested in the power of collaboration and want to make a difference in the world, check out our professional qualification in "Facilitating Creative Collaboration".