5 Ways Our Lead Like a River Experience Changes Your Life

14 May 2019

Posted By artgym

Robert Frost might have taken the road less traveled, but what do you do when there are 15 less-traveled roads you could take? Or if you have an idea of the right road but haven’t found it yet?

Lead Like a River was specifically designed to help people harness the talents, experiences, and skills they’ve built and use them to make a greater contribution to people and the planet. Embarking on a life-changing experience can be daunting but Lead Like a River is a proven first step in finding and taking the right road. Here’s 5 reasons why:


1. Proven techniques

Lead Like a River is no ordinary trip; it’s a carefully crafted experience grounded in well-established theories and practices that integrate depth, gestalt, archetypal, and eco psychology. Our highly experienced facilitators will guide you through intellectual, emotive, physical and creative work that will challenge you to discover and meet your specific needs.


2. Awe-inspiring scenery

While you are being guided through proven methods for reflection and self-discovery, you will also be challenged physically and inspired through the jaw-dropping beauty of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Lose yourself in endless stars, sweeping vistas, and the rich, historic culture of the Berber people – we promise it will help you find yourself by the end.


3. Confronting the difficult questions

Participants on Lead Like a River all share a similar desire to put their talents, skills, and experience to good work and lead their life with purpose. This experience is designed to challenge you to find the answers to these questions and more:

  • “What do I stand for as a leader?”
  • “What is my vision for the future?”
  • “Who are the people in the world I want to make the most difference to?”
  • “Which of my talents will best serve the issues I want to address in the world?”


4. Expert guidance

Trebbe Johnson and Eugene Hughes are the founders of Lead Like a River. They researched and developed the program after many years of guiding groups and recognizing the growing desire of experienced, talented people seeking to contribute to the world. Together, they offer you 70+ hours of expert guidance and facilitation.

Eugene Hughes is a Psychotherapist and group facilitator with over 20 years experience in the field of personal and professional development. He is also Chief Executive at Artgym.

Trebbe Johnson is the founder and executive director of Radical Joy for Hard Times, a non-profit organization devoted to finding and making beauty in the world’s wounded places.


5. Truly transformational

Lead Like a River strives to change lives, and it succeeds. It’s been ranked in The Times’ Top 20 Life-Changing Experiences, and in SELF Magazine’s 8 Trips That Will Change Your Life. But more importantly, the testimonials from our past participants prove that it works:

“This program is truly transformational. I left with a renewed zest, a clear idea of what I wanted from my life and what I had to give.” – Fiona, Writer

“Lead Like a River is not your ordinary leadership program. I am not exaggerating when I declare this was the most important fork on the road that is my life.” – Bettina, Operations Director

“To have the time and the space to create a vision for my life that is meaningful and inspiring was invaluable.” – Gary, HR Director


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