Well we didn’t expect this…Best Documentary at the National Films Awards!

6 April 2018

Posted By artgym

A little while ago we announced that Artgym’s documentary, The Moving Theatre, had been nominated for best documentary at the National Film Awards. Well… we won!

In The Moving Theatre, four people bring to life four very different migrant journeys, each with their own distinct motivations and experiences. For some, they left their home to escape war, for others they left for love. But for all, it was that basic human drive for a better life. What is unique about The Moving Theatre is that using their own creativity, each of the four storytellers finds their way to express the most moving moments of their lives. And in the process, find peace with their own experience.

We’d like to thank everyone involved, from the creative team at Artgym to the hundreds of people who participated in the process. To the employees of the Lebara organisation for working so closely with us to make it happen. And finally, to the four storytellers included in the final film, whose stories touched so many people around the world.

As an organisation dedicated to championing creativity, we’re especially happy to receive this award because it demonstrates the power of creative collaboration to bring people together to create positive change. There’s more detail available about the creative process we used through this project in this short film.

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