Susana García


Susana is an accredited and passionate leadership coach and facilitator who helps leaders and their teams to reach their next level of performance by enhancing their self awareness and ways of working together. She assists her clients in the creation of new and more effective forms of collaboration across the business.

Susana has been working with managers and leaders across different industries and cultures since 2009. She balances her role as an international facilitator of management workshops for leaders and team building sessions with her one to one executive coaching activity. Some of the key companies that she regularly works with are: ADIDAS – she is a facilitator of Fit to Lead programs for both, first time and experienced people managers -, NGAHR and Westfield.

As a sales coach, she has also partnered with many sales leaders and teams from very well known companies like Danone, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Ashland or Edwards Life Sciences.

Susana is a Certified Professional CoActive Coach (CPCC) by the Coaches Training Institute (C.T.I.) and a Licensed Practitioner in NLP, trained by Richard Bandler. Her interest in the relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership performance led her to Roche Martin UK, where she got certified as an Emotional Capital Report (E.C.R.) coach.

Susana´s technical background (chemical engineering), her innate interpersonal skills, and her first-hand experience of the challenges that being a people manager represents, enable her to naturally engage and understand each of her client´s needs. Particpants find her very profesional, engaging and inspiring, and she knows how to create that safe space for them to flourish.

Susana´s passion is people´s talents and interpersonal connection. Her vision is a more developed society where every person is fulfilling the kind of role that fits his innate talents.
She has been a rugby player and a belly dancer. And she is the author of “La luz de tu silencio”.