Whilst on a journey training and working as a professional textile designer Sarah realised a passion for inspiring creativity in others which led to a BA Hons in Professional Education. She has since spent 20 years working as a creative facilitator, director, lecturer, artist and teacher with people across a wide range of the community using textiles as a creative platform for invention and as a tool to explore issues & unlock hidden potential.

Sarah is often commissioned to run collaborative arts projects and create stunning pieces of artwork with groups of people implementing a wide variety of practical techniques to help people express themselves creatively using art to explore a theme or tell a story, she is witness to the powerful transformational effects creative collaboration can have on a group dynamic and how the longevity of the beautiful result can continue to inspire and invigorate an environment.

Passionate about, people and enabling them to access their innate creativity Sarah has continually challenged herself by working with diverse groups ranging from prisoners to pensioners, young children to CEO’s. Her understanding of what makes people tick is relative to her continually expanding experience.

Sarah is highly experienced at working in the creative sector and has facilitated, designed and creatively directed art projects for Tate, The City of London, Horniman Museum, NESTA, Creative Partnerships and many more. She has also art directed, facilitated and designed creative agenda’s for corporate clients including lastminute.com, Lebara, adidas & Kingfisher in her role for artgym.

“Creativity is not about drawing and it’s not about art. It’s about an attitude to thinking and learning – when faced with an unknown ‘creative’ activity most people say ‘I’ll be rubbish at this I can’t draw’ – you don’t have to draw, you just have to think a little differently….” Sarah Pimenta 2015