After a long career in the advertising and communications businesses, working with great companies like BMW, Unilever, and BT, Robert joined BT as Head of Advertising and Media Quality.

There he not only produced the renowned ‘It’s Good to Talk’ and the ‘Steven Hawking’ campaigns (£5 bn incremental revenue over 5 years) but he also learnt how important a clear, inspiring and aligned sense of purpose is for a company.

Since then he has worked for himself, providing Brand strategy advice to dozens of organisations in as many sectors.

His focus is to advise CEOs and their teams on how to use their brand to find lateral answers to strategic questions. These include how the brand affects the company’s Culture, its Products and Services, and its Reputation. This is first done by arriving at the enterprise’s Single Organising Principle.

Now with 30 years of experience under his belt his book, ‘The 9 and a half golden rules of branding’ is to be published in the autumn of this year. In his ‘spare’ time Robert is a magistrate at the City of Westminster Court in Horseferry Road.