Raymond Honings


Raymond’s personal drive when working with teams and individuals is to enhance the self-reliance and self-correcting capabilities with inspiring results as a consequence. Raymond stands for a creative, practical approach where he always looks at the bigger picture and therefore always working towards a clear vision.

Raymond is result driven and strong in communications with a people oriented approach. Recognising and changing your own patterns, learning how to cope with pressure and complexity, tapping into your own positive resources. Worldwide Raymond helps people to positively change. Some of the areas Raymond is coaching in are:

• Leadership and Management Coaching
• Vision development
• Leadership and Talent Development
• Cultural change
• Performance Management
• High Performance Teams
• Value based coaching
• Organisational Constellations
• Increasing personal confidence and resilience
• Communication Skills
• Facilitating workshops

Raymond is specialised in Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, Team coaching and Organisational Change.
Raymond holds certifications in the following areas:
• Personal Coaching
• NLP Master Coach (ABNLP)
• NLP Trainer (ABNLP, HNLP, PsiNLP, ILM)
• Organisational Constellations (Bert Hellinger)
• Team Performance Coach (Team Coaching International)

Raymond uses a wide range of tools and frameworks in order to always have the right approach and being able to look at things from a holistic perspective. His style is very professional, very personal and always a good fit bringing in his years of real work experience as a manager and his wide range of skills.

Raymond believes that when you reconnect people, teams and organisations with their core, their inner passion and their strengths the effect will be long lasting and doesn’t stick for just a few months.