Lynne Irwin


Grounded in HR, Lynne is a coach, supervisor, and facilitator. Lynne coaches from administrators to CEOs and particularly enjoys supporting individuals in transition and enabling block removal. As a Supervisor, Lynne creates a safe space for coaches and leaders to reflect on their practice, develop their skills and authenticity and maintain integrity. She facilitates large and small events – team building, culture change, management, leadership and personal development.

Her expertise as a coach, supervisor, and facilitator has deepened over the last 12 years, designing and delivering programmes and one-off events in personal and leadership development, team building and cultural transformation Lynne has also launched a series of workshops around the menopause as a community initiative.

Lynne has worked with a diverse range of companies including adidas, Discovery, Lebara, Life Clubs, Money Supermarket, News UK, NGA HR, Novartis Pharmaceuticals & Animal Health, Pan Macmillan, Reuters, Springer Nature, Table 19, Universal Music, Virgin Media and Westfield. Lynne has also worked in the NHS and for charitable organisations such as YHA and Shaw Trust.

Lynne specializes in using the body’s wisdom (Somatics) and choice and truth (FIRO Theory) to release potential. Lynne has numerous qualifications which support both her coaching and facilitation including HAY Emotional Intelligence, NLP and Myers Briggs  and is also an Artgym Certified Facilitator, an Accredited Professional Coach, and an Accredited Coaching Supervisor.

She believes her role as Facilitator and Coach is to create a space where voices can be heard, opinions & emotions listened to and questions asked, a space where experimentation of beliefs, behaviors and choices can take place and a space which ultimately enables the question to be answered.

Lynne is interested in self-esteem, choices and the menopause. Passionate about enabling peace, Lynne hopes that through connecting with self and making choices which release human potential the world will become a safer place.

"There are significant moments that you go through in life which make a fundamental difference to who you are, like getting married or having a child. Coaching with you was one of these occasions." VP 2015 – transitioning into a Head of role in a larger company.