Claire Collins


Claire Marie Collins has over 20 years of commercial experience as an entrepreneur, sales director and non-exec within the private sector. She has sold millions of dollars worth of products, media and services during this time across the fashion, creative, online and tech industries. Claire has also been a practitioner of meditation, mindfulness, yoga and Buddhism for over a decade; she sees her transition into the field of coaching and human transformation as an essential part of her dharma. Claire brings all of her real world experience into her clients’ businesses along with other spiritual and metaphysical tools, techniques and principles that are designed to expand horizons, shift perspective and bring forth the desired results.

Claire’s current coaching programs include:

  • Create Your Best Business Year Ever – a 6 month one to one program for established entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Play, Purpose & Prosperity: a new paradigm for business success- a 7 week online group coaching program.
  • Realise Your Dreams: Life Reimagined, Visions Realised- a 3 month one to one program for individuals looking to make a significant life shift.

One of the most transformational aspects of Claire’s work lies in her ability to guide clients to clarify their vision and direction through their passion points, values and inner knowing in the belief that the most successful endeavours in life are those that are aligned with the individual’s truest & fullest expression of self.

Her unique approach has seen her develop a series of “play-shops” that are used at the beginning of her programs. These “play-shops” assist her clients in exploring their creative imagination and vision through art, improvisation, nature, poetry, guided mediations and mindfulness practice. This journeying beyond the mundane harnesses the power and magic of true alignment; extraordinary results are a natural evolution from such a foundation.

The spirit in which Claire then continues to coach her clients towards their vision is with a sense of playfulness and a deep acknowledgement that the joy is in the journey!