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Why does modern business need creative collaboration?

Does creativity matter more in the 21st Century, and how can collaboration unlock innovation.   When we’re talking to business leaders about their ambitions we hear the word innovation all the time. In a world where success is more frequently falling to disruptors rather than the continuation of the status quo, the ability to innovate […]

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22 November 2017

Is creativity emerging as China’s greatest resource?

Is creativity emerging as China’s greatest resource for leading business in the 21st century?   This was the question Louise and I wanted to explore when we spoke to Chinese leaders from business, academia, art, media, architecture and other sectors and asked them to share their experiences and personal views on creativity, innovation and leadership […]

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28 September 2017

How Artgym found its true voice

Artgym are very talented people creatively. But it’s two other things that make them stand out.   First, they don’t label themselves as ‘creatives’, suggesting that the rest of us aren’t. And secondly, they have an extraordinary mission to democratise creativity. Our role was to give these remarkable ideas a voice. Right at the start […]

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27 September 2017

The ‘I am not creative’ delusion

I believe creativity is our greatest human resource. However, the challenge we all face is that creativity suffers from the serious misconception that it primarily exists within  – and for  – arts, crafts and visual industries. Within this pervasive fantasy, we have divided the population of the planet into ‘creative people’ and then all the […]

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29 June 2017

Lead Like a River 2016

August 13th – 20th, High Atlas Mountains Morocco Are you ready to harness your passion, your experience and the skills you’ve worked hard to develop and recast them in a way that makes a greater contribution to people and the planet?   If so, the question you’re now asking yourself is how can my leadership truly […]

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5 February 2016

Leadership 2020

Artgym CEO Eugene Hughes discusses 5 ideas for leaders to reflect on   1. THERE’S A CURIOUS PARADOX ABOUT BEING SO CONNECTED… As I’m writing this I’m actually sitting on the side of a mountain in a location that can only be described as ‘remote’. Yet I am more connected to people in the world […]

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17 November 2015

The Migrant Experience

Artgym collaborates with Lebara, Beaconsfield Arts and migrant communities from around the world to present a unique exhibition, representing the authentic voice of the migrant experience. The Foundry, Centre for Social Change, 17 Oval Way, Vauxhall, London, SE11 5RR. Over a period of one year, artgym worked in collaboration with the employees of Lebara, the […]

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21 October 2015

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