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Value Cards

When you’re working with groups of people it’s important to work out what values everyone shares.

Values are those high-level concepts above and beyond the goals and objectives of any given task or project. Examples are reliability, loyalty and friendship. People make hundreds of decisions every day, and their values help dictate these.

We’ve created a set of values cards to help you work out group values. Use them creatively!

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Leadership Archetypes

Our Leadership Archetypes act as guides on the journey to self-awareness, self-expression and self-realisation. The Archetypes were conceived by Artgym over ten years and cross genders, geographies, cultures and industry sectors.

They represent the dominant, dormant and desired personality characteristics and traits of contemporary leadership. They offer a system for leaders to widen the repertoire of skills needed to realise their ambitions.

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Eight Key Lessons from Leaders in China

Is creativity emerging as China’s greatest resource for leading business in the 21st century?

We were eager to learn more about this creative confidence emerging from China and set out to interview some of the leaders driving this transformation and showing the rest of the world how it’s done. Our report reveals what creativity means in China, it looks closely at the rise of this new creative confidence in China, and how China is actually redefining creativity.

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Feelix is a creative tool designed to enhance your self-awareness, self-expression and emotional intelligence through images and colour. You match your image with a colour and a feeling. Over time, feelix catalogues and categorises the breadth and depth your feelings. You get to see your different emotional patterns.

The feelix app is ready for your mobile device. Or, if you like working with analogue, you can order the images as cards.

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