what is feelix

A picture paints a thousand words.

feelix is a set of creative tools designed to enhance self-awareness, self-expression and emotional intelligence through images and colour.

what if we could picture how we feel?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to track one’s own and other people’s emotions, to distinguish between different emotions and identify them appropriately, and to use this insight to guide your thinking and behaviour.

However, it can be difficult to express exactly how you feel through words alone. But a picture paints a thousand words. Images enable you to creatively express your experience of being alive in a way that words cannot. Images become an important source of learning. Tracked and reviewed over time, this information transforms into valuable insight that can inform decisions about how we think, feel and behave, significantly enhancing our self-awareness and self-expression.

feelix the app

Picture how you feel with the feelix app

The feelix app, helps you to instantly picture how you feel and share your feelings with others. You can select one of the 98 feelix images, or upload your own. Then, when you match your image with a colour and a feeling, over time, feelix catalogues and categorises the breadth and depth your feelings. You get to see your different emotional patterns and start to identify what triggers different feelings within you.

Your feelix gallery is the outward expression of your inner world. Your collection of images is something completely unique to you, no one else in the world has one like it.

feelix cards

98 pictures to help you facilitate creative self-expression in others.

Based on 49 different feeling states, the 98 feelix cards are designed as a creative tool to help you facilitate self-expression, self-awareness and communication in others. The 98 feelix cards can be used to help people to express how they feel about themselves, about different situations and about their relationships with others.

Specifically designed to cover the spectrum of human emotions, the feelix cards are a powerful tool for people in the helping professions.