Case Study

Why we were asked in.

Lebara is an organisation dedicated to making every step of the migrant journey easier and to helping migrant communities stay connected to family and friends back home.

Given their mission, they need to not only understand the different needs of the migrant communities but also truly feel the breadth and depth of the migrant experience. They asked for our help here to ensure all their employees ‘feel the migrant experience’ to truly understand their customer and therefore the behaviours required of them to meet their customers needs.

What we did.

We challenged Lebara employees to research and share over 600 migrant stories. Many of these stories were their own.

We did this by bringing 671 Lebara employees together in a number of large events across seven different countries. The Lebara employees shared their stories, created images together and reflected on the themes and insights that emerged from their extraordinary collection of migrant experiences. Creating images together became a vital part of the process as for many of the stories words were simply not enough. Our facilitation of this creative collaboration enabled all employees at Lebara to truly feel their customer and co-create their organisational values and behaviours – needed to continually meet their customers’ needs

The Results


Stories of migration, representing 59 locations shared.


Book, "The Migrant Experience", published with migrant journeys co-created with the employees of Lebara.


Multi-award winning documentary produced through a creative collaboration between Lebara storytellers, creative facilitators, puppeteers and filmmakers.

At the heart of Lebara’s culture is the desire to give back and make a difference to the communities of our customers and their family and friends. It is my hope that by each and every one of our employees truly feeling the migrant experience, we will best serve their needs.

Ratheesan Yoganathan, CEO Lebara
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