Case Study

Why we were asked in.

Adidas have over 55,000 employees, based in 300 locations worldwide. Of those employees, 10,000 are people leaders.

The energy, capability, resourcefulness and performance of these people leaders is viewed as crucial by adidas for them to achieve their vision – ‘to change lives through sport’. That’s why adidas came to us to create scalable yet challenging and collaborative learning experiences for their managers– putting their everyday situations and the adidas leadership behaviours at the core.

What we did.

It was most important for us to carry out extensive research to understand the learning needs, preferences and challenges of the Adidas managers.

This has enabled us to help adidas create their learning eco-system – where all their leadership learning is clearly connected and integrated. We could then also design and create highly relevant learning experiences which put the real world of adidas managers’s at the heart of their own development. The learners ‘everyday’ has become their learning platform.

Our award-winning approach, which requires the learner to take charge of their own learning, has challenged and stretch adidas’ managers by combining virtual and digital learning, live events, team projects, peer coaching and intensive feedback.

The Results


People leaders now have access to continued and ongoing leadership development across Adidas.


Peer networks established right across the organisation globally.


Learners have attributed their development in the adidas Leadership development framework to these learning experiences.

A tough but rewarding experience. Rooted in a ‘learn by doing’ philosophy which differentiates it from traditional leadership programs.

2016 Programme participant, Hong Kong

Because of your involvement, I am now more present for my team and have committed to being better everyday.

2017 Programme participant, Portland
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