transform your business

To stand out and make your mark in today’s volatile, uncertain, and complex market conditions requires your organisation to know what you stand for, distinct from anybody else, and to express it in everything you say and do.
Ultimately, it’s your people who hold the key to your success and, when your people flourish, your brand shines brightest.

At artgym, our award-winning ‘people-centred’ approach acts as the catalyst in transforming your business from good to great. We do this by enabling your people to understand, define, express and live what makes your organisation truly unique.

When this happens your culture becomes your greatest strategic asset, transforming your business and driving your brand’s reputation.



Every organisation’s culture exhibits a unique set of characteristics and traits that are expressed through the collective behaviours, thoughts, feelings and underlying values of the people within that organisation. We call this ‘your collective personality’.

To help you understand your collective personality, we carry out a cultural diagnosis that blends Appreciative Inquiry, Integrative Psychology and Arts-based methods. Always starting with the question “what works well around here?”, rather than the problem-focused approach often used. We involve multiple stakeholders in story telling and image-making to reveal a vivid psychological understanding of your collective personality.

The insight gained from this in-depth diagnosis enables you to identify the specific behaviours and mindsets that are helping or hinder your organisation from performing at its best. This insight has proven to be particularly important for clients experiencing low levels of performance, merging businesses, going through significant change or rapidly expanding.

People can copy your products or services but they can’t copy the collective personality of all your people, your culture. Your culture is truly unique to you. At the heart of every successful culture lie shared values and a shared vision. In fact, research shows that organisations with shared vision and values outperform those without by a significant margin.

Understanding your organisation’s real values is key. We believe that your values must be the authentic expression of the collective thoughts, feelings, beliefs and desires of all your employees.

We work in collaboration with your employees to research the values that are relevant, meaningful and true to them. From that, guided by the strategic ambitions of your business, we work with you to craft your organisation’s values, vision, desired behaviours and the required competencies to take your business from good to great.

Communicating what makes your organisation unique is critical to engaging consumers and employees alike. Unlike traditional branding, design or communications agencies, we don’t create your communications for you. We believe your employees’ authentic self-expression is far more powerful. That’s why we facilitate highly engaging, collaborative, experiences that ignite the creativity of your employees to generate your own communications content.

Working with your employee-generated content, we curate powerful and unique communications pieces. For example, working with an international mobile communications business, we shaped employee-generated content into a series of films, books and art exhibitions to celebrate their brand.

Other examples of employee-generated communications include:


  • employer branding campaigns
  • employer brand movies
  • brand movies
  • customer insight movies
  • brand exhibitions
  • internal communications

Our starting point is always to diagnose your current culture so that you know exactly what is enabling and/or inhibiting current levels of performance. Driven by your values and guided by your vision, we work with you to define the blueprint for your future culture.

Once defined, our approach is to engage employees in the strategic ambitions of your organisation by accessing the collective creativity of your people. Imagine 95% active engagement in your organisation’s vision and strategy across all of your employees. Well, it’s possible. We’ve achieved this for many of our clients by tapping into the giant reservoir of creativity that exists in every organisation and harnessing this energy to kick-start the change.

When this happens, change is self-initiated by your people across functions, processes and teams. Rather than top-down, linear change initiatives, our award-winning methodology is a highly collaborative process of co-creation: engaging, inspiring and empowering your people to be the change. Of course, effective leadership is critical in the success of any cultural transformation and that’s why we work closely with your leadership teams so that they become inspiring role models for the change you want to see in others.